Volleyball and Badminton – Two of my Favorite Sports

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Hi all, welcome to my post… it is another wonderful day again, the day is bright and we look forward to exciting things ahead. In my earlier posts, I talked about Volley ball and Badminton… Today, I will be refreshing our minds on how awesome these two sports are to me and why I can’t get tired of them. The awesome thing about sport is not only the fun and excitements it brings, but also the other benefits when it comes to keeping fit and keeping the body healthy. More like using one stone to hit multiple birds.


Badminton was one of the first sports I liked back in the days… My dad used to have a badminton racket and the shuttle and I used to go play with friends on our crude court. It wasn’t the best looking, but it served the purpose really well. We used to have table tennis bats and the balls as well but it wasn’t easy to set up an actual playable table to play the tennis on, so it was mostly Badminton we played during most of our free time. It was such a fun time back in the days. I still like Badminton a lot as an adult and in fact it is one of the few sports I can’t get tired of. Not played it recently because of proximity but will definitely get to play it very soon.

Volley ball on the other hand is an amazing sport as well. It is one of those sports that can be played casually as well especially on the beach. This for me is one of the most entertaining sports out there and while there are quite a few fun sports that I like a lot, I find volley ball to be up there as one of the few sports I can’t get tired of. Watching volley ball live can be very entertaining even without playing especially if it just casual play.


The only downside with Volleyball is that it is a team sport just like most team sports out there like basketball football etc, which means before you can play, you need the right amount of people to want to play as well which can be very challenging especially if there aren’t enough friend around who can play the sport and are willing to play (that is key). However, volleyball doesn’t a large or an expensive set up to play, a crude set up for badminton can be used to play volley ball as far as the size of the open space it big enough. Like I mentioned in my previous posts, one of the main reasons why I like volleyball so much is that it is adaptable, if you noticed above, I said a crude set up for badminton can be used to play volleyball as well. Both sports have kinda similar gameplay just that one uses a racket and a shuttle, while the other used the hand and a much heavier and bigger ball, the size of a soccer ball. The aim of the players in both sports is to ensure that the ball (Volleyball) or the shuttle (Badminton) touches the ground of the opponent half. The rules are very much different though. Above all, these sports are two of my favorites, not only for the fun and entertainment I get from them but also the fitness and good health part of playing sports in general. Thanks for reading!

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