The Greatest Sports Ever Created

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Hi all… welcome back to another exciting post of mine. Today, I will be talking about football/soccer and I am curious to know if football is the greatest sport ever created… Football as I like to call it and many as well, but for some, Soccer is the preferred name as Football means something different in some countries like the American Football. I like football a lot and quite a number of friends and family like the sport as well. In fact, it is the most popular sport over here and a lot of people are either involved playing it or enjoy others playing it.

Back in the days, I used to play football a lot with friends, not great at it, but really enjoyed it. Nowadays, I have kicked a ball a few times but not really had the time to play competitively with others. For now, it’s all about watching my favorite teams play. I like quite a number of teams especially in Spain and England, and I watch a lot of premier league games as well. Just finished watching the Liverpool vs Manchester City match which was played in Liverpool’s home, and I must say, it really an entertaining game of football by both teams. Liverpool scored 2 goals very early in the game which came as a shock to Manchester City as they didn’t expect to go 2-0 down inside the first 13 minutes of the match. I couldn’t believe it myself as I expected goals to be in the match but didn’t expect Liverpool to score quite early, and I’m sure I am not the only one on this :D. Liverpool will be glad that they scored another one early in the second half as Manchester City took control from that point, got a goal back and nearly got something from the game if luck was on their side. For me, Liverpool deserved the win today because they were simply solid and effective in key aspects of the match. I had to deviate a bit as it was such an exciting match which led to the topic of this post.



Football as a sport isn’t just all about entertainment and fun, it is also a great way to bring about unity especially people who share the same love for football. It has really evolved beyond just a type of sport to a medium to connect billions of fans all over the world for sharing a common interest. It has been used as an effective medium to create awareness and get some raise some funds for various charity works. Lest I forget, the emotions invested during a game for me is second to none, we can all see that during competitive competitions, world cups, champions leagues etc how much it means to fans. I really know the feeling when your favourite team loses a match especially a crucial one… Really saddening.

Football is a sport that is mostly played in almost every country. According to a little research, it is said that football is the world most popular sport and over half of the population is associated with the sport with billions of fans scattered all over the world. For me, I see football as the greatest sport that is currently in existence. It is such an amazing sport that has it all… Thanks for reading!

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