The Awesomeness and Benefits of Brisk Walking

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Hi all, welcome to my post… it is another awesome day again and we look forward to exciting things ahead. In my previous post, I talked about table tennis and why it is one of my favourite sports. Today, I will be talking about brisk walking and the awesomeness of brisk walking. As we all know, walking is a form of exercise and we all know how beneficial regular exercise is for fitness and healthy living.

So what is brisk walking?... Brisk Walking is just a fancy name that is relative to different persons. To some, brisk walking is either fast or slow, it all depend on the individual’s fitness level. I love walking a lot as I find it an easier form of exercise. Walking is really good for the health and helps to keep the body very active especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting. Steps per minute is one of the major aspects of brisk walking and research suggests that 100 steps per minute is considered brisk walking. Brisk walking another great way to burn excess calories and fat and a very inexpensive way to keep the body in good condition as a result of regular exercise.


Since brisk walking is a moderate-intensity exercise, it has a lot of benefits than just a regular slow walk. Each day, I try to brisk walk especially after spending so much hours sitting in front of the computer. This could be fun as well especially when you are jamming your favorite playlist while hitting the streets brisk walking :). I like running as well as I like to brisk walk but the great thing about brisk walking is that, I can do it anywhere but running makes more sense in open fields rather than streets… which is one of the main reasons I am a big fan of the treadmills as it is a fantastic way to achieve similar results to running but at the comfort of your house. To round up this post, I will say Brisk Walking is really great and has a lot of health and fitness benefits.

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I often do this Brisk Walk to catch up my college bus. Sometimes it turns into run🏃‍♂️...

Brisk Walking and running are very good way to exercise and keep fit.
Thanks for your comment