Do you Enjoy Rope Skipping? - The Fun and Benefits

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Hi awesome people… it’s another amazing day again and welcome to my blog post. Today, it is another exciting topic which I titled as the “awesomeness of skipping as a sport”… in my previous post, I talked about how water is very crucial in sport and why it is very essential to drink a good amount of water every day for anyone who is involved in any sporting activities. That’s just a brief glimpse of what I shared yesterday. Back to the topic for today…

There have been a lot of confusion in the minds of some persons whether skipping which can also be known as rope jumping is an actual sport or not. Bottom line is that Skipping is not only a form of exercise but also a sport and it is also globally recognized. For anyone who doesn’t know what skipping is or what rope jumping is all about, it is a sport that involves a person swinging a rope (skipping rope) continuously above the head and tries to jump over each swings with the aim of going as long as possible without catching the rope with the foot while ensuring that the swinging rope goes under the feet as the person jumps.


There are lots of techniques used for rope skipping as well as a great deal of practice and skill required to get very good at it. While there is just a basic simple back and front swinging technique, it goes all the way up to some very complex techniques used by pros and people with a lot of skills and practice to pull off those complex techniques. Nevertheless, it is a very easy and simple sport to learn especially the basic technique and anyone can learn and enjoy the awesomeness of rope skipping.

I love skipping a lot and it is a sport that I did a lot back then in high school days. We used to try out different techniques and try to beat the opponents who were basically friends and mates. It was so much fun to skip with friends. I remember those days were we didn’t have the actual professional standard skipping rope with handles, we used to basically use any available rope that it of a good enough strength and length and we just skip with it and catch all the fun. Things became even more fun as we finally got our hands on the real thing, the standard and professional looking skipping rope with a fancy handle which adds a lot of skipping experience and makes it much more appealing to skip.

The awesomeness about skipping is that it is not only a fun sport to play and enjoy, it is also a great form of exercise like most sports are and very good for keeping the body healthy and fit. There are so many benefits of rope skipping which cannot be overemphasized. While rope skipping is great for improving fitness and keeping the body healthy, it is also a great way to improve a person’s speed and timing as it is one of the major aspects of rope skipping. Overall, I would say, rope skipping is such as awesome and yet simple sport that comes with so much benefits… Thanks for reading!

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