Let Me Ease You

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lay back

close your eyes and say a prayer

don't think

Just feel

Let go of your burdens

Cry out to the clouds

let it go

let it flow

release your body

let me ravish you

let my tongue lavish you

make a wish

Open a little more

as I breach your access gate

with my mouth sucking away

to bring you pleasure

it's a party down here

ecstasy is the theme

Let the euphoria take you away

Hold on a little

Watch me drench you

Watch me drain you

Look at me while I touch your pleasure nerves

Put your naughty eyes on me

Don't be shy

Don't you dare be abrupt about this

Let me build you up to erupt

When in doubt

be loud

Yes, I feel your fire

Ride with the undulating wave I bring

Strumming away with my fingers

as I take you to cloud nine

let your colours burst like a firework

what a sublime fine finish

it is my pleasure to ease you



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