What is Your Source of Power?

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You are not alone, ever

What is your source of power? For me that's easy, it's my belief in God. I know a lot of people question the idea of God and some really smart people believe everything is random. God loves everyone, including non-believers and I too do not judge you at all.

Life has lows and highs, why was that created? Why do we feel anything? To me, it's imperfection that brings meaning to life. If everything was perfect, we would value nothing, so what would be the point in living then. The time we have on earth is sacred and those lessons you learn make you unique, if we all had the answers we would all be the same.

God sacrificed his only son. God gave us a perfect man and we killed him. Why did he do that? Even when Jesus died on the cross his last words were asking his Father why he was forsaken. In fact, this was the only time Jesus ever referred to his father by "Elijah", and I think there is meaning to that. I think it's because Jesus knew he was being abandoned by his father, at the moment Jesus knew what God had planned for him all along because his final words were "Tetelestai" or "it is finished."

If you think about yourself in struggle, you have probably asked God why he has abandoned you. If you don't believe in God you may have blamed someone else for your struggles. There are countless stories of people who do prevail, but also others who do not. The ones who prevail, I think know that God has never abandoned them, it's a source of strength and why they are able to accomplish their dreams. Others are stuck, angry at God but really angry at themselves but do not realize it.

When Jesus asked God why he was forsaken a lot of people might have thought Jesus had a God problem, but WE had a God problem because Jesus died for us.

The point is that if you are self sufficient you do not need a savior, because you learn to only blame yourself. Pain and suffering humbles us, we are weak and needy in our hardest times. By God abandoning his only son, he is really showing us that he will never abandon us. No matter the difficulty, you can only hold yourself accountable otherwise you are discounting why Jesus was sacrificed. God would not have killed his only son otherwise.

Who is your savior?

People are constantly looking for a savior these days. Today it seems a lot of people are looking for the Government to replace God.

They believe someone else can come save them, they are not holding themselves accountable and this is a good reason why they continue to suffer and ask for help. It exemplifies the glory of God even further, because it's no surprise they are stuck and confused with no way out. They feel as if they are abandoned, but by who? They have abandoned God, but most importantly, they have abandoned themselves. We all have the power to learn, grow and hopefully one day accomplish our dreams.

There are things that happen we don't understand. I know personally, since my Dad died before I was born. You think I wasn't angry with God? I learned really early that I couldn't hold onto hate, I couldn't think about what my life could have been like. Instead I knew that my Dad was with God watching me, and no matter the difficulty I went through, I had a guardian angel looking after me.

I have 2 older brothers, we grew up with a single mother. Statistically speaking, we should have become drug addicts and not made much of ourselves. Instead, we are all successful, because we all share this belief and it is our greatest strength. No matter how low things get, we hold ourselves accountable and we learn the tools and skills needed to get through whatever it is. Those skills then enhance us and show us the meaning of our struggles that further invigorate our belief.


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this was a good read! Thanks for sharing with the chain.

Thanks man, was listening to Jesus is King from Kanye and was feeling inspirational!

Faith has very strong power.

It's the unstoppable force!

If this material was taught in schools , we would have a completely different world ! But instead , we're taught that having a dream is pointless..we're told from a very young age that if you want to succeed you must get good grades, behave in a certain way and don't have any "crazy" ideas .. School to me is nothing but a propaganda.. It claims that is gives the so called "education" ,but it's quite the opposite .. It's the "guarantee" every government has that less and less its people would discover their true potential.. because they like to control the small minds .. they want to make them think that they're their leader .. They want small minds, because it's easy to control them.. Just like in school system .. Same goes for college/university .. students are after a piece of paper that is everything else but education .. They pay thousands of dollars to get this paper .. They spend so much time and energy to memorize some tests before an exam..all for a piece of paper and it doesn't even matter what they chose as their profession , just as long as their parents are happy and the society is happy.. This is not living at all ! If you want to get a real education and not the formal one, then go listen and read these types of lectures.. Go find something about yourself, until you know what you truly want it life ! Thank god we have Neville Goddard , this man is priceless ! There's no one like him that I've listened to ! This is the true knowledge ! Decide what you want and believe it with your whole heart not only you get your desire,but you'll know that you've found god in you ! and that's the main reason why we're here,folks ! Not to be "normal" or "Educated" or anything this crazy world demands us to be ... but to find your own voice, to find god in you !

~ Anne Sm

I like this, not going to lie that's a long youtube video and my attention span can't handle it right now.

But, I agree God teaches you to hold yourself accountable and your faith in him will guide you. Communists want you to believe that they will help you and you can blame them for all your problems, they'll fix it. But, at what cost? Small minds are convinced someone else will come save them.

Religion has certainly been abused in the past, but this is my perspective on what Jesus's sacrifice really meant. It's the ultimate testament that God will never abandon us, if you're angry with God it's because you are not looking at yourself being the problem. God doesn't give free handouts, otherwise suffering would be non-existent. Even the mighty can fall, the rich commit suicide, and having faith in something higher isn't ignorance, it's power.