They Donʼt Know – A freewrite poem

in Freewriterslast month

They donʼt know how beautiful they are.

In their infinite aspects
each element
perfectly purposed
and necessary.

They donʼt know acceptance.

The parts undesired
placed in opposition
scheduled for annihilation
because unwanted.

They donʼt know the abundance

In embracing all
nurturing and enhancing
both darkness and light.

Those humans.
They donʼt know love.


Cover image created in Canva. The background photograph is my own, taken at dawn in the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge, Hoquiam, Wash.


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Nor are they likely to, given the distractions and preconceptions of modern life. I like this, it's both sad and hopeful. I should write more poetry lol

Thanks! I try to be hopeful, then the sadness comes in.