Original poetry: "The cool poets", by bonzopoe


The cool poets

I hate easy rhyming "poets".
Because they believe that
by matching infinitives or gerunds
they make poetry.

I detest "poets" by trade.
Who believe that by counting syllables
and mastering formulas,
they write poetry.

I despite corny "poets".
Because they think that
by adding honey and sugar to words
these become poems.

Linguist "poets" bore me.
For believing that for using
strange and interesting words
they deserve our respect.

And deep "poets" make me laugh.
Because they believe that by using powerful phrases
that nobody understands,
they are worthy of our astonishment.

But I love minimal poets.
Those who change the world with three phrases,
or they build a world for you with three sentences.

I respect honest poets.
Those that regardless of the metric
they spit truths in your face.

And I admire suicide poets.
Because they are not afraid to get their hands dirty
and bleed out with every letter they write.

Because they dream of snakes
and they hugged them regardless of their fangs.
Because they swim naked
among sharks on stormy nights,
and they open their eyes
to the nothing instead of fleeing.

Those, who even at the expense of themselves,
face angels and demons,
again and again,
without fear of losing the battle.

Those have and will always have
all my appreciation.
Because those, and only those,
dear reader…
are the cool poets.

©bonzopoe, 2021.

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This text is a claim and a self-mockery in the form of a manifesto, which was born in response to so much junk poetry that is on the internet, and said this without the intention of offending, that I am aware that no one is born knowing, and that a process is necessary to be able to write things of certain and questionable value.

However, to write I think that more than skill, you need an attitude, and that is not questionable from my point of view. And there are many "poets" on platforms like Hive, who only seek to sweeten ears rather than express something.


Thank you very much for reading this post and dedicating a moment of your time. Until next time and remember to leave a comment.



No sé por qué, pero me recordaste mucho a lord Byron. La obra de este autor siempre me ha parecido bella por la franqueza de sus líneas y porque buscaba expresar lo que sentía en su momento. ¡Excelente poema, mi estimado @bonzopoe!


Pues ya por la mera comparación ya me subiste la moral, paisana! jajajaaja

Saludos y muchas gracias por el comentario y la visita :D