The interview they warned me not to do - Fanos Panayides

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Two weeks ago in Melbourne, a sizeable anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne was brought to an end when police suddenly swooped in and arrested one of the main organisers.
Fanos Panayides says the mainstream media called him the organiser because of his role on the TV show ‘Family Food Fight’.

In this exclusive interview, Fanos tells me he is not anti-vaccination but does believe 5G technology is responsible for Coronavirus.

When questioned about if he thinks the virus is real, Fanos said:

Read the background on TR.News.

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I agree with @aussieninja. Keep it up. I like your style, that you give people space to answer questions, different opinions and ideas. That you actually listen to what they are saying and ask them questions based on that.

The MSM is dead, they just don't know it yet.

Great interview! Did you make it? I see this account hasn't posted anything since the 26th of May, are you ok?

Great interview and a very respectful interviewing technique.

While I do not agree at present with the '5g covid narrative' (due to lack of data), the interview makes some very good points about the nature of the virus and how it spreads and the discrepancies between what is said by the MSM and what is actually happening. It's an open interview that allows the viewer to make their own decisions and leaves the viewer with some open questions. This is how journalism should be: making us consider for ourselves what is going on - encouraging the spirit of inquiry.

The editing on this is excellent. Really liked your questions, you weren't aggro about it even though sometimes he'd talk himself in circles at times.