rEsToRiNg cOmMuNiTy gOvErNaNcE

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dEaR StEeMiAnS,

As wE StAtEd tWo wEeKs aGo oUr gOaL To rEtUrN GoVeRnAnCe bAcK To tHe cOmMuNiTy, We hAvE NoW OfFiCiAlLy rEmOvEd aLl tEmPoRaRy wItNeSsEs. We aPpReCiAtE ThE HaRd wOrK ThEsE WiTnEsSeS HaVe dEdIcAtEd tO PrOtEcTiNg sTeEm aNd tHe cOmMuNiTy. It’s dEdIcAtIoN LiKe tHiS To tHe sTeEm eCoSyStEm tHaT WiLl hElP Us oVeRcOmE ThE ReCeNt cHaLlEnGeS, bUt mOsT ImPoRtAnTlY, bRiNg bLoCkChAiN AnD CrYpToCuRrEnCy tO ThE MaSsEs.

aS ThE CoRe dEvElOpEr oF StEeMiT.CoM AnD StEeM, wE WiLl tRy oUr bEsT To sTaY NeUtRaL AnD We wIlL NoT EnGaGe wItH CoMmUnItY DeCiSiOnS In tHe fUtUrE.

We lOoK FoRwArD To cOnTiNuEd cOlLaBoRaTiOn wItH WiTnEsSeS AnD ThE CoMmUnItY To gEt bAcK To tHe tHiNgS ThAt rEaLlY MaTtEr. SuPpOrTiNg eXiStInG PrOjEcTs, ThInGs lIkE ImPrOvInG ThE StAtUs oF StEeMiT.CoM, aDdInG FeAtUrEs tO CoMmUnItIeS (iN PrOgReSs!) aNd uLtImAtElY CrEaTiNg tHe bEsT PlAcE FoR AlL PeOpLe tO EnJoY GrEaT CoNtEnT, sHaRe cOnTeNt aNd eNjOy aLl tHe rEwArDs tHaT CoMe wItH BeInG A StEeMiAn.

aS We cAn nOw lOoK To tHe fUtUrE, wE WiLl cOnTiNuE To sHaRe uPdAtEs mOrE FrEqUeNtLy aNd cOnTiNuE To lIsTeN AnD EnGaGe wItH ThIs aMaZiNg cOmMuNiTy. In tHe mEaNtImE, pLeAsE StAy sAfE AnD WeLl.

tHe sTeEmIt tEaM


HoW lOng DiD iT tAke YoU tO tYpE lIkE tHiS?

Maybe 20 minutes and I lost some brain cells in the process.

Just joking. There are some tools:

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