YOU GOT PLAYED /// Digital art and funky track for truth

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As I mentioned in a post previously this week, I decided to tokenize some of the album cover art on my ► NFTShowroom gallery and this is an original Artwork for my musical piece titled YOU GOT PLAYED and you can find it here.

If you buy this piece of art you also have access to a google drive link that contains a high quality audio file of the track!
96khz/24bit and without the stupid youtube audio compression that I despise greatly.
This is an edition of five but edition #1 is gone already to @elgeko because he is an art connoisseur of the finest extraction.

So what are you promoting exactly you ask? The track or the artwork?
How about both.

The media are the worst kind of excrements right now. Manipulating, representing big pharma covertly openly, dividing family based on what side of the lies you believe. They are all actors
It's all a lie. They suck but you don't. Press play.


You got played player
They are all actors
It's all over


What's this thing with Hive? It says I wasn't following you. Possibly a post-fork bug. I was wondering why you didn't pop up in my feed any longer.

I always love the messages behind your work. Awesome lyrics. I hate politics but love this kind of art making fun of it.

Thank you brother, I saw you got the artwork :)
I added an unlockable high quality audio files with the art, please let me know if it's easy to download the files. I am curious , much blessings.