New digital art drop /// THE MIND REGULATOR

in Alien Art Hive3 months ago


I am dropping my new piece, check it out in HQ here:

The OCD in me is pretty happy about the look of my gallery right now with a beautifully even square display, at this time 5 pieces are sold and 7 are available.
Screen Shot 20201013 at 10.33.50 AM.png


The mind regulator exists to control thoughts. Since its inception, any thoughts that are classified as impure by the ABSOLUTE (the governing A.I. body), are eradicated using a precision brain wave technology.

The results speak for themselves as 100% of the visitors that receive a mandatory consultation with the mind regulator, are afterwards, completely in harmony with the hive mind and all non-conforming thoughts are totally dissipated.

This is a single edition MP4 with original music crafted with care by Vache Morte for enlightenment purposes.