I already have a track titled THE BEEHIVE / I am ready to fork Justin Sun and my vote for liquid HONEY

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That's right "I don't like him and I don't want to fuck him either" and this is my last reference to his post now I promise. Also it is possibly my last post on Steem (ok maybe one more before Friday). CRAZY! I posted a lot in the last 3 years, always liked Steem and the community. With our governance under attack I was less motivated to do so but now my desire to grow the new ecosystem with all my friends without the useless (and poor guitar player) @ned and @justinsunsteemit (our fearless leader... I don't think so) is at a peak. LET'S DO THIS! I will sell my Steem and I will buy some HIVE then I will power it all up.

Please don't call it HIV (not good) @juliakponsford just tell me the suggestion was around to name it HONEY and I love it. Imagine liquid HONEY instead of liquid Steem. That sound so tasty everybody is gonna want that sugary treat. I am casting my vote right here right now, give me some HONEY and keep the HIV.

Oh yes I recorded this track called The Beehive and it felt so appropriate to post it today so here you go. Orchestral /Rock /Electro composition because I am special and so are you. Let's build a new world where we are in charge and everything will be better. SO much blessings ahead stay strong. V

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Great to see the community coming together to eliminate those Chinese scammer who took over the network as if he owns it.

John MCAffee said it best: You can buy a company but you CAN'T buy a community...

Bright @yourfuture about to cum

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YES you are right my brother let's build the future of decentralize internet! Ready to cum :P

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