Brand new track /// Electro+Jazz+funk // AUTO-ASPHYXIATION

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There is a channel on youtube called enterthestarz that I listen to once in awhile because he covers a lot of movie symbology decoding and that is an interesting subject to me.
I can't remember exactly what show I was listening to, but he said pretty much, what eventually ended up, being the exact lyrics of this new song of mine.

The masks thing is the biggest scam ever and if you like it and think you are more righteous than me because you protect the elderly with your slave/hijab you got some reading to do...

My music (and my art, btw I always do original art covers for all my tracks) are my way to express myself and I often cover frustration I have in my forms of expression. Every time I go outside I see children wearing masks and I am not ok with this, it's saddens me deeply. I am totally fucked up even if I had a perfect upbringing as a child, so how will this new generations end up, with this daily trauma based system, it makes you wonder. I hope for the best, but one could rationally expect the worst.
This song came about because they stole our smiles...

Once more my musical genre styles are defined by a confusion mode, which is a new standard that I just created by typing this. I experimented with a mix of Jazz, electronic sounds and a sparkle of funk because it's hard not to. Much blessings!


(by Vache Morte, Lyrics)

They stole our smiles
They stole our hugs

They stole our final goodbyes
Depriving them of love in their last days

Our sweet kisses, our sweet kisses



Dope... I'll slide you a link of a few of the instrumentals I've been working on. I'm not a pro like you but I got style. Lol

I recognize you as a true OG of the whole game! Respect


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