Brand New Electro-Funk bonanza /// TWO HEADED SNAKE

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Sssssss! That's me hissing before I bite. I am at it again with a weird mix of Funk-Electro saturated with dirty lo-fi and distortion and I don't feel sorry for it one bit.

The concept came about with the recent (S)election theatricals. It's all bullshit. You choose right you choose left you get angry, emotional, hopeful sad and happy, but what they all fail to tell you is that you choose between the heads of a two headed snake.

Now about the music. I created this image below with all the instruments I used to create this track. I did this recently for my track Binary Commutator and I like the idea for myself to come back a year later and see what instruments I used to create a piece.

From top to down.

Circuit Bent Kawasaki creation of Michael Rucci, check him out he is amazing.
-I used this one for the snare sound mainly

Volka Beats
-I used this for the kick

Yamaha Fretless Bass
-For all the bass part

Yamaha Reface CP
-For all the electric piano solos

Arturia Micro-Freak
-This little thing has become my go to when I desire to use an arpeggiator which I did in this track

Casio SA-46 and the MQ-952 (no brand chinese toy).
Both modified by my friend Dan at ScrewedCircuitz who is the king of circuit bent work in my town, because I say so.
-I used those two for the Lo-Fi value and you can spot them at 1min to 2 min in the time of the track.


The Arturia Micro-Freak and the Yamaha Reface spotted in their natural habitat (my studio)

That has been a big theme for my music the last two years, to find a comfortable area that sits between Jazz, Electronic, funk and also all the other stuff.

I wouldn't say that I achieved anything other then to do whatever I wanted without giving a shit. The result is that my music catalog is now 13h + with around 240 tracks and this is one more to add on top. Now press play.


Another QUALITY track ... can hear that "double hiss" ... EXCELLENT ... always loving that authoritative bass! Yes, the American Eagle has two wings, and yes, it has long been described as a snake having two heads. From Julius Lester's collection of slave narratives, one said ths: "One head point North, the other South -- both bit us and both was bad." That's an equal opportunity problem now.

Glad you agree. The snake fangs have nano-particles now, so be careful out there.
Thanks for listening my music and for being a steady supporter! Much blessings!!!!

Exactly both wings belong to the same bird, or in this case both heads belong to the same snake. So fitting for these times. Thanks for the music, for continuing to share your wonderful experiments,I hope you are keeping well.

Thanks @trucklife-family. My pleasure I am doing well and hope the same for you. Much love!!!!!

Thanks for sharing