Once Upon A Time | DIgital Artwork No4

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the hidden spot on the island.gif

Another try out in the world of digital art

This is actually my fourth published digital artwork on Hive, and they are all super different. This has a reason though, I'm trying to understand how digital art exactly works, which is a huge journey itself. I'm always very curious about what's possible when I learn something new, and not limiting myself to explore only one direction.

This artwork is made from a picture I took during the summer

We were just out of lockdowns and enjoying the great weather in a very green area we often visit. That day, we walked further than we normally do, and discovered a small house and a lot of (so it felt) ancient remains of a tiny village. I never actually looked it up afterward, so the real story remains a mystery, which I actually like. My mind can make up this great story about what it used to be.

The original picture

This is the original picture below:

The original.png

I honestly think this pretty lousy picture is now suddenly a lot more intersting. I love the colors and I think the lights from the lanterns add a nice feel to it as well. It's as if the path to the litthe house and tower in the back are illuminated for people to come explore what was once there. Almost as if you're walking into a fairy tale.

I'm thinking about doing some more digital art using some boring and non impressive pictures to see how I can turn them into something more impressive.

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That turned out very nice and looks like the knife paintings by Leonid Afremov

I had to google that person (lol), and I think one of the first filters I've used was an example of his painting, I can totally see the resemblance with the style I selected. Before and after that, I did other things in Krita. I like this style, and will probably use it for inspiration more from now on.

Wow, I love that! It's a great painting!
I love that style of painting, and your color combination is awesome. It has that mystic atmosphere :-)
I would definitely put it on my wall, if I could! <3

Thanks @anafae, still figuring out what kind of style would be for me and this is getting closer to what I love I think. I would hang this one up myself as well..

It's the same with me, still don't know, what kind of style is mine. At the moment there's not much time for painting and experimenting, but I'm looking forward to some quite winter months, when I can start again :-)

Lol, trust me, I feel ya :) same here. I still also have a drawing tablet laying in the closet but so far I've only drawn digital using my laptop, as I feel it's too overwhelming for now. I have other things I want to focus on first, and this will come as soon as I've done these things and it's a cold winter when I don't want to leave the house :)

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