Kaleidoscopes 89: A Different Reality

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Already 89 publications of kaleidoscopes are out, the last one, Reborn Colors, was posted 2 weeks ago. I didn’t think I was going to stick with this for so long. Obviously, I am. And very likely, I will 😎

Whether they are art or not could be discussed, especially lately when they can be generated in most graphics programs. I generate them mostly from my own photos. (Otherwise, I had, on Steemit, a couple of years ago, the habit of asking users whose pictures and photos I liked if I could generate kaleidoscopes from them and they mostly agreed and were very happy and surprised with the results).

Well, by making kaleidoscopes out of photos I took at some point, I want to say above all that this is still a reality from this world, just a look at it from a different perspective. So, if we consider this criterion, kaleidoscopes are an art ...

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☀️ 👾 👹👾 ☀️


☀️ 👾 👹👾 ☀️


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To generate kaleidoscopes, I used Mehdi Kaleidoscope Filter in Photoshop and Distort DPL Kaleidoscopes Effect in Paint.net.

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☀️ 👾 👹👾 ☀️


☀️ 👾 👹👾 ☀️


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Below are my three photos from which I generated kaleidoscopes. Also from some of my previous posts here.


☀️ 👾 👹👾 ☀️

And a kaleidoscope from these three photos, this one from Photoshop.


☀️ 👾 👹👾 ☀️

This one from Paint.net and wave effect from Lunapic, an online effect generator.


☀️ 👾 👹👾 ☀️

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☀️ 👾 👹👾 ☀️

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Nice, no. 5 and 6 are especially beautiful 👌

Thanks for stopping by, @mipiano. True, the 5th and 6th are more colorful, mostly depending on the basic photo. 😎

Yes, I figured out that the third photo has to be the basic for those two kaleidoscope photos 😇 making good colour contrast

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