Chillin' Blues

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Spend some moments camping behind your classic car on a magical space listing to some chillin' blues and watching whales protecting #hive from the bottom and some aliens protecting hive's head.

*This digital artwork is part from creative vibes collection.
**There's only 3 editions available through :-


I see that you posted this on the NFT Showroom.
Do you want to sell this as an NFT?


For how much? Do/would you accept Hive?
Maybe some people would buy it.
I cannot afford it. People mostly ignore my posts, and I do not earn much. Just/only a few cents.

This image fills my heart with a calming blue .... Thank you!

Got my imagination going

Awesome NFT

Very nice digital art

Wow! this is good. I think the most impressive thing about this graphic is the colors. They are so perfectly blending. Also, the shades too. Do you post any tutorials?

This truly is a piece 🧩 of nice art. I would like to explore the link and just curious 🦝 if you had any pointers as to how I could better my platform here on E

Very, veeerry beautiful!
We want more of it 🤤:D
Loved it.

Wow !!

Very cool !

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When you'll be back to post some more?

Is very original your work, has influence of cyberpunk