"Try As We Might..." by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Today was one of them "Watching the Grandkid" days, which is fun. She's got a ton of energy, and simple things excite her... For example, she has these egg shaped coloring crayons, and because I'm weird and fidgety, I started spinning one like a top, which she thought was pretty cool. Eventually, I grabbed my giant sketchpad (covers most of the coffee table) and started spinning these egg shaped crayons, in various colors, on the paper---and the crayons would whizz around making these weird, kind of faint, but random and interesting marks on the paper....

I think we did that for about half-an-hour, while Gorillaz and Ok Go and Mr. Oizo videos played on the t.v. (Simple pleasures...) Maybe I'll use this technique to make an entire piece some day!!!

Here's some newish arts...

[One of many collabs with the Little Kid...]

[This one is gel pen, metallic marker, and acrylic marker on notebook page with digital embellishments.]

And this is a REDO of a piece from a few days ago...

[The bottom version was the one I originally published a few days ago. The one above that was "finished" today.... Also, if it isn't obvious, these were made in collab with the granddaughter...]

Now, here comes a lame attempt at a Low-ku (that's a "low-brow haiku," if it wasn't clear...)

"Jeepers!" the duck cried
Honking was out of fashion
Always comes back, though...

Hmmmmm.... Deep...

Now, I am for attempting to sleep! Laterzzz!!!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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