"With Intesity" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Today was my wife, Mariah's, birthday. We celebrated... It was nice.

How do people as freaky as we are celebrate? We make ART! Mariah made about TEN collage postcards!!! (If she decides to share them, I'll let you folks know. They are EXCELLENT, as always...)

Personally, I made a LOT of art today, too. Not sure where to start... The postcards I made for my brothers? The weird art-literature NFT I made and minted today? The little found cardboard drawings I made with my granddaughter? One of the animated gifs I finished??? I know... I'll start with the slightly demented mini-collage I made to mail to my friend (and work boss), Dr. Kandy...

[Cut vellum, stickers, ink, and googly eyes on reclaimed cardboard with digital embellishments.]

It's utter nonsense. I hope she likes it!

Next are the postcards I'm mailing to my brothers, both composed of stickers over existing postcards with ink drawings on the flip-sides.

Those are silly, but they're MEANT to be just for fun. Just something to make them chuckle a bit!

Here, though, I get a bit more serious. This is a piece, based on the concept of a pamphlet or leaflet handed out to make a philosophical point, which I wrote and tokenized today at NFT Showroom. (Those sensitive to "propaganda" or "hippie shit" might want to avert their eyes...)

All digitally designed, minted in an edition of seven (prime number). I kept one, and I gave one to @clayboyn and put the rest on sale for 23 swap.hive each. (Cheap!!) Two sold already, as I write this, so there might be three left.... Check 'um out here, IF YOU DARE!!!


On to other adventures!!! I made some more arts... I might tokenize some of these someday, or I might get hit by a bus tonight in my sleep. Who knows??? Here's a bunch of weirdness...


And here are a few "variations" on the jack-o-lantern piece...

Again, I don't know if I'll ever get around to tokenizing any of these.... I MAKE stuff because it's fun, it's therapeutic, and because I've ALWAYS made stuff for as long as I remember being alive. (Not sure if I made stuff BEFORE I was alive---but it wouldn't surprise me...)

Alright, signing off! Nanoo! Nanoo!!!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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The holy googly moogly would certainly approve...

making stuff for the sake of making stuff is a most respectable cause!

so great to see all this! i love the first one a lot...