“The R.F. YATES NFT Collection (Gallery Catalogue – Part Two)” by Richard F. Yates

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Hey folks! You might remember a few weeks ago when I shared a portion of my NFT collection with the Universe (Hiververse?), and that felt pretty good. However, you might ALSO remember that I mentioned that it was only a PORTION of my collection. Because that last episode was so dang long, (59 individual pieces), this time I’m only sharing 23 individual works. This means is will take longer to share the entire collection, but that’s okay with me, if it’s okay with you!!!

Let’s get this show on the road!!!


"The Perfect Suitor" (Ed. #1 of 3) by @juliakponsford
the_perfect_suitor by julia k ponsford peg.jpg

"Let's All Go To The Lobby Trash Pill!" (Ed. #2 of 5) by @cliffblank
This piece is an MP4 video, so it's too large to insert in this post. Click the link to check it out! (It's clever and funny!)

"Before sleep" (Ed. #3 of 5) by @berlissanoja

"Lovae" (Ed. #5 of 20) by @kristyglas

"Cry Me A Rainbow" (Ed. #2 of 2) by @doze
Another MP4! (I didn't remember buying so many of these!!!) Click the link to view it!!!

"UNADOD" (Ed. #5 of 6) by @yanga

"They're Coming Down..." (Ed. #5 of 5) by some weirdo (ME) @richardfyates

"Hello Julia - painted live on stream (betatest)" (Ed. #31 of 33) by @elgeko

"Hidden Hive" (Ed. #1 of 3) by @rubenalexander

"Fractal Galaxy Super Nova (2 of 2)" (Ed. #1 of 1) by @soundwavesphoton
fractal galaxy 2 swoop peg.jpg

"Waiting Cat" (Ed. #1 of 4) by @seckorama

"In my dream as it flourishes" (Ed. #3 of 3) by @m1alsan

"Contessa L'ament" (Ed. #5 of 100) by @splinterlands
I can't figure out why, but this image doesn't want to come thru... It's a moving image, so maybe it's too big??? Click on over to check it out, though, especially if you're a Splinterlands fan!

"Playgh" (Ed. #5 of 30) by @kristyglas

"Hammer Hack Bear" (Ed. #3 of 3) by @rektdoteth

"FUCK JUSTIN SUN Butterfly" (Ed. #5 of 5) by @rektdoteth
Dang nab it!!! Here's another image that's too big to load... It's a gif, and it's a must see!

"Drink Me" (Ed. #1 of 8) by @arseniclullaby

"Rubber Ducky" (Ed. #9 of 10) by @reseller
rubber ducky by reseller peg.jpg

"Un-Smiley" (Ed. #1 of 4) by @shortcut

"Yodin Zaku" (Ed. #13 of 100) by @splinterlands

"Hellz Belle" (Ed. #1 of 1) by @rektdoteth

"Picasso ASMR" (Ed. #1 of 3) by @stellabelle
Again, this is a big, yucky, freakish MP4! To watch, you'll have to click thru, but this one is WEIRD... BEWARE!

"Hive 2020 - Rush Faux Covert Art" (Ed. #13 of 50---but a bunch of those were BURNED by the artist AND another collector!!!) by @nickcdavis

That's it for this guided tour through the R.F. YATES NFT Collection! I'm bummed that so many of the pieces (usually the MOVING pieces) have been giving me trouble. I want to showcase the ARTWORK that these fun, funny, intriguing folks have created, so make sure you click through to the images on the ones that I couldn't insert in this post!!! I will certainly be doing another one of these gallery tours, soon! (I also have pieces in other digital galleries, besides NFT SHOWROOM, that I want to share, but we'll get to those when we get to them!!!)

[For those keeping track of the #HiveBloPoMo challenge, this is post #14 in my "Created 30 posts before the end of November" goal! ALMOST half way there!!!! Keep it goin', y'all!!!!!]


---Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)




Thanks for the shoutout, Richard! I actually migrated to a new account (this one), but yes, I burned a bunch of the Rush covers. I'll be burning the rest I still own once 2020 is over. :-)

You have a great collection, thanks for sharing!

Ah!!! I didn't know you migrated! Makes sense now!!!

I love having pieces in that collection.🤗

I am jealous of your levels of motivation.

Ha! It's fair to call it "mania!" My nervous battle against THE NOTHING!

You are so versatile! Have you not been posting for a while? I feel like I haven't seen you around much.
Cool job, keep it up!

Damn you have a lot of cool art!