"THE FIRST INGREDIENT!!! (and BABY ART SHOW!)" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Howdy Hivesters!

It's finally happened! The FIRST INGREDIENT has arrived in OUR DIMENSION! (From the NFT Showroom page:)

transdimensional spectrum filter by rfy thumb.jpg

Total Edition(s): 11
[Digital drawing.] The TRANS-DIMENSIONAL SPECTRUM FILTER is the FIRST INGREDIENT to the CYBER-SPELL needed to conjure THE BRAIN MACHINE!!!! There are ELEVEN (prime number) of these filters in existence... (And nobody NEEDS more than one. As the MASTER CONTROL ARTIST, I will only be giving ONE COPY of THE BRAIN MACHINE to any single entity. The idea is for this to be a FUN thing, so you REALLY only need to acquire one of these... However, as they are cheap, I know there will be an urge to buy them all and jack the price up---but THE BRAIN MACHINE sees all and knows all... And it MAY take revenge on those who abuse the system. Of course, it's possible that the machine is also COMPLETELY EVIL, and might REWARD those who abuse the system... We just don't know with weird shit like this...) Remember, you need ALL THREE ingredients to receive a BRAIN MACHINE NFT, but there are only FIVE of those in existence! The first five folks to collect all three ingredients and contact the HOLY FOOL will be gifted ONE copy of "Meet the BRAIN MACHINE" NFT. (Only ONE each, even if you buy ALL the ingredients.) You'll need to keep an eye out for the second and third elements, which should be arriving in this dimension in the next few days... (It takes a lot of mental and spiritual energy to manipulate the cosmic-forces required to bring these things into OUR universe, so... I should probably go eat a brownie...) Thanks for stopping by! Keep it REAL! #artforall

[P.S. - Collectors who are also cyber-sorcerers, feel free to take this image and remix, alchemicalize, manipulate, and whutnot it to your cold, black heart's content! CIRCULATION IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS!]

[P.P.S. - As f 4:02 Pacific Standard Time, there are only 8 (EIGHT) of these pieces left. Remember, you need ALL THREE to receive the free "Meet the BRAIN MACHINE" NFT!!! And only FIVE PEOPLE---the first five to collect the third ingredient---will get them! That's pretty RARE!]

#nfts #contests #firstingredient #weird #humor #sci-fi-art #lowcostrevolution

Go HERE to see the complete RULES!

In NON-NFT-related news... (Did you know stuff still happens in the world that ISN'T tokenized as an NFT? Weird!!) I watched my granddaughter again today for a few hours. We listened to a bunch of fun tunes, danced, ate cereal, and MADE SOME ART!

Did you know that you could bite the tip off a Crayola Felt Marker? I didn't! (But now I know!) We colored several pieces (all crayon and felt pen on cardboard), and then we had "BABY'S FIRST GALLERY SHOW!"

The Couch Gallery Presents: RFY + FEH Collabs ! (Limited time engagement...)

babys first gallery show  peg.jpg

Then, while we were making more art (after our gallery photo shoot,) I got to see a FANTASTIC and PROFOUND work of performance art! Felicity DANCED on the drawing I was making, and I even got a 15 second video of her dance recorded---although I'm not going to SHOW that piece of documentation (as I haven't spoken with her agent about rights, yet); however, I can share this photograph that I took of her warm-up to the performance!

feh performance art  peg.jpg

That's some good stuff! I only watched her for a couple hours today, but I've got her TOMORROW for four or five hours! Who knows what-all we'll accomplish with that kind of time to work with!!! (I'm sure I'll share whatever we do. That's kinda my thing!)

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Grandpa Fool)


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I like this one Richard.

Woooo! Thanks!