"Psychedelic by Nature" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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I've never been much of a pill taker or embiber... In high school, and the few years after when I "partied," I was known as the weirdo with the notebook drinking chocolate milk. Even at rave parties in the early '90s, I was possibly the only sober person in the warehouse or parking garage... (Now, of course, I have to take a handful of pills every day to stay....alive...)

I was never against other folks enjoying themselves, I just didn't care much for most drug experiences. And, FRANKLY, I didn't need them to think in freaked out, trippy, psychedelic ways. Most of my fellow students were convinced that I was on drugs already---might have been the multicolored hair or the "modified" clothing or the candle-wax and ink collages that I hung in my locker or the fact that I had fake spiderwebs covering the door to my room and the speakers on my stereo---or the dark blue walls or Cure posters or glow-in-the-dark stars or constant black-light obsession....

(That last bit, my love of black-lights, started in third grade when our music class used a giant fluorescent light in a program, and all of us kids colored giant cardboard circles on sticks with neon hued crayons for a performance of "Good Ship Lollipop!" I was AMAZED!)

Anyway, I love the psychedelic accoutrements, and my artwork has been deeply inspired by that aesthetic. See if you can spot it in any of today's drawings:





Just trying to have a good time! (And commune with the spirits---and spread a little weirdness in the world!)

Speaking of weirdness, let's compose a Low-ku!

Gasoline can can
Spreads the joy like a flower

Leapin' lizards! That's a strange poem, but in PERFECT haiku form! Wooooo!!!

Now, go to bed, so I can read some comics then drift off to La-La Land.... La-la-later!!!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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You are sure you not eating some 'stamps' or some mushrooms not to be found in the supermarket? {LOL}