"We Put the SHOW in NFT Showroom!!!" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Last night, I was given the opportunity to chat on MSP Waves with @clayboyn and Cope, and it was a very entertaining two hours, for ME at least. We covered art, NFTs, mental health, art therapy, self expression, passion, literature, and a dozen other topics! (Deep, folks... We got deep!) When the show is posted to 3Speak, I'll try to remember to share the link!

If you don't know about MSP Waves or the PAL (Peace, Abundance, Liberty) group, check out the Discord:


MEANWHILE!!!! I've totally been ARTING IT UP lately. As we discussed on last night's program (and in the chat with several of the listeners), making art can be an excellent coping mechanism, and we've been through a lot, lately, so I've been making art like there's no tomorrow! With the way this years been going so far...

(Interestingly, only about a tenth of what I make gets shared on my blog or tokenized as a piece of cryptoart, and that's not because I'm a perfectionist or that I refuse to show my "bad" pieces to the world (those are usually my favorites), but because I just make so much shit!!! Always. Everyday...)

Tonight, I'm going to share several of the pieces that I've minted on NFT Showroom in the last week or two. I THINK all of these works are still available if you are interested in trying your hand at collecting NFTs... It's fun, it's relatively inexpensive, and if you have a HIVE account, then you automatically have an NFT Showroom log-in. (I use KEY-CHAIN because it's easy and versatile!) Plus buying art makes you a superhero, helps feed an artist, and gets you into Heaven (WITH a VIP backstage pass! Sweet!)

Here's the newest shit!!! Yeah! (Fireworks and thrashy metal guitar solo goes here...)

"Rx Demon"


"Every Damn Time"

"Cubed Face on the Lake Path"

"Green Witch"

"Home Sweet House"

and "Only the Lonely... (So EXPENSIVE!)"

That last one, I was feeling strange, so I wrote THIS for the description:

[Ink on notebook page with digital embellishments and color.]

This piece represents a rather IMPORTANT tune, one that has wormed its way into my consciousness and STUCK. It's been there for more than three decades! "Only the lonely can play..." (It's by The Motels, if you don't remember it.) By buying this token, the purchaser can claim that they OWN my memory of this song. They can't DO anything with it but claim it, but whenever anyone hears me whistling or humming "Only the Lonely," the owner can say, "Hey! That's MY thought he's thinking!" Neat, right???

And then I minted this as a 1 of 1 unique work and charge 1,013 swap.hive for it! (And YES, 1,013 IS a prime number. I'm glad you asked.) I don't expect that this piece is likely to sell; (my wife claimed that she was interested in buying it, but said she didn't have enough dough... What she really means is that I'm charging too much, which is GREAT! People always tell me that I undervalue my work. Nah. I just value spreading laughter and entertainment MORE than making money!)

To check out a real, authentic over-priced work of art, plus all of the rock bottom bargains I have to offer, visit my fancy GALLERY!!!


While you're there, Don forget to click on the "Collection" button and see all the awesome art that I've BOUGHT, as well!

Okay. Time to read for a while! G'night!!!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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I love his original work, my dear friend! congratulations. I will look into this discord group..

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