"Patchy at Best" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Is it a life well lived if you DON'T eat the donut???

Busy day today, but most of it was positive... Let's start with a drawing. (Surprisingly, I finished a few things today. Here's one of them...)

[Colored and metallic Sharpies, brush pen, and chalk pen on paper with sunlight augmentation, digital embellishments, and digital color. Complex, this one, despite the simplistic drawing style.]

So today started with a baby invasion, coffee, and donuts, then continued, once we'd all arrived and sugared up, as we ("WE" in this case was Mariah (my wife), Frankie (our older daughter), Felicity (Frankie's daughter), Elise (Mariah and my younger daughter), and Gabe (Ellie's fiancé)) piled into two vehicles and wheeled down the freeway to a pumpkin patch in Woodland, Washington. (Why there??? Why not? Better to buy from a little, family farm than from a big chain store!)

I took a few pictures! (The weather was just about perfect---AND we all wore masks and tried to social distance as much as possible...)

We filled that wheelbarrow (which Gabe ended up being tricked into pushing) and it only cost us $20.00 (USD!) for the whole thing!!! That's extremely cheap! We are PRETTY SURE that we'll be carving the pumpkins next weekend... (Although I won't be, personally, because I'm neurotic and freak out if my hands get all juicy. (I do a LOT of surpressing of panic urges with the baby around! She's constantly sticky or gooey or covered in some thing layer of partially chewed up food. I love her, but being a "clean hands" neurotic around a toddler is a challenge...))

After the PATCH, Elise and Gabe went back to Longview (where we all live), while the rest of us continued on to Portland, Oregon, to visit the Costco... (One of those big chain stores I was talking about earlier.) I waited in the car while Mariah, Frank, and the baby shopped. (I'm not comfortable around too many people...)

Got some arts made while they were in there. Here's a TASTE!

"Qwazy Qwakkers" (Variations)

[Ink on notebook page with digital embellishments and color.]


"Phoenix Done in Digital" (Variations)

[Metallic Sharpie and chalk pen on black paper with digital embellishments and color.]

Now that I finished my Halloween radio show, (took about 14 or 15 hours of editing to make that!!!), I need to spend some time tokenizing some new ARTWORK on NFT Showroom! Vacation's over! Time to get back to work!!!

Now for some sad news: Mariah and I learned that one of our good friends passed away unexpectedly a couple of days ago. He was a funny, kind, decent human being, and the world is a sadder place now that he's gone... Later, Karl....

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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