"My Fingers Are Numb From ARTING So Damn Hard" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Gawwwdamn! I've been slaving away for the ART GODS lately. It's almost like entire fucking universes keep coming to life in my head!!! And then I just go ahead and draw another snake or monster---but those new snakes and monsters were INSPIRED by whole UNIVERSES that lived and died in my head! (It's kind of creepy, now that I think about it...)

Here's a thing I made:

[Digital drawing.]

And here's another thing...

[Digital drawing.]

And here's that same monster doing a somersault while living thru an '80's FLASHBACK music video!

[All manual digital manipulation.]

I also spent several hours today recording a new pirate radio episode, but I didn't finished editing it, yet, so look for that in the next few days...

Another thing I did today was mint a new NFT for my NFT Showroom gallery. Here's what the new piece looks like:

I minted 23 editions, which I'm selling for a measly 5 swap.hive each, and I think 5 or 6 are already gone! WITH this piece, the buyers ALSO get a free, downloadable pdf copy of NIFTY PRIME E-ZINE - Ep. 002 ! And that's EXCLUSIVELY available with the "NFT Crack" art!

Interestingly, I sent a picture of that work (not the NFT---which is more like a certificate of ownership, like a title for car) to a friend of mine, who wrote this about it:

Do. Not. Like. I find it very disturbing. But before you celebrate this reaction, let me explain:

I stared at this for at least 3 minutes and found it to be particularly accurate, especially with your top message. When I self-admitted into rehab for alcohol, I met many (awesome) drug addicts who this seems to represent with incredible accuracy (even the way they described themselves). I am quite sure I am reading more into this than the full intent, but I think this is a brilliant piece that represents a horrible imbalance in a Jekyll/Hyde way. Even the colors seem accurate, with the only color of joy (yellow) spilling just a bit over the crack, representing the time when one is high. The Jekyll side is not optimal either (because real life and issues people have). I told you I could read too much into it (I think that's what humans do when looking at art, and why artists don't like telling viewers what a piece "means").

Anyway, I hate it. Do better.

What a great review!! This particular friend and I have known each other a LOOOONG time, and I wasn't the least bit offended by this assessment... And in a way, I agree with him. MOST of my nonsense is almost completely devoid of direct meaning, so to have such a starkly straightforward message in a piece is out of character for me. (See the other two works from today for reference to my more TYPICAL subject matter.)

With that said, I honestly love sending my work to this friend for ONE REASON... He knows that my nonsense and play are actually extremely meaningful TO ME, so he treats them as serious art objects that can require examination and interpretation. But THIS ONE, although I like the image, the graininess and the slight chiaroscuro effect caused by over-prossessing, this one was still kind of lazy. It's BLUNT. It's...commercial... And HE called me on it!


My next few NFTs will NOT be commercial. They will be expressions of my weird, freakish, mental universe consuming, old, tired, achy self. Get ready!!! (OR just look at most of the other work in my gallery... I'm proud of that shit!!!)



---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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