"Break All the Rules" by Richard F. Yates

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The world is a collage---a collage so big that we only see a fraction of it on this planet (and the planet is a smaller than microscopic speck in the vast extra-perceptual infinitude...) There is no beginning and no end, only frames of time artificially constructed around conceptual spaces.

So, in this spirit, I've made some smaller collages (the full png files are 10 inches by 10 inches) to share with the folks in my space-time continuum. I contemplated TOKENIZING these on NFT Showroom (I've contemplated tokenizing EVERYTHING I make---my whole universe---on the BLOCKCHAIN...), but for now, I'll be happy just publishing these here... (Maybe I'll print them and frame them, too. That might be fun! If you'd like a free PDF file so you can print one or all of these yourself, let me know! I'll email you the files!)

Break All the Rules 001 peg.jpg

Break All the Rules 002 peg.jpg

Break All the Rules 003 peg.jpg

These three pieces are collages of drawings, digital works, photographs, hand-crafts, and various projects I've been involved in over the last...TEN YEARS, I think. (Give or take a few years. My memory isn't great---especially for time.)

The concept for creating these was to conjure, without tokenizing and making folks pay, a showcase or faux-gallery or "Wunderkammer" (great word! Look it up!) or a cabinet of the curiosities that I've had a hand in bringing into existence. The HOPE is that folks will see how EASY it is to create, and how simple it can be to express something as complex as EXISTENCE itself.

When I was in my mid-20's---a looooong time ago---I started an online comic store called EXISTENCE IS FUTILE ENTERTAINMENT, applied for a business license and everything! But since those days, my frame of mind and the way I conceptualize life, the universe, and everything has shifted. Now, I'm more of a Camusian Existentialist, who still thinks the universe is random and absurd, but who has decided to fill LIFE with fun and color and humor and connective tissue, instead of hopeless nihilism...

Besides, I really enjoy looking at these old things (some are fairly new, but a few of the images are REAAALLY old...) A project like this reminds me that I've DONE some stuff! (Hundred of thousands of stuffs... Too many to count...)

---Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)




I'm not sure what I think of tokenized art. I'll have to give some thought to how it meshes with my preference toward Creative Commons /FOSS/Public Domain/BipCot creations.

This is an excellent point. I appreciate blogging as a means of sharing my artwork and writing with a large audience---for free. I mostly want people to laugh. My tokenized art (which is the same as my not tokenized art) is also available for ridiculously low prices (most of my "sales" are in the $5 to $10 (USD) range, even when the sale includes me mailing the original physical sketch to the purchaser)---and I usually use my profits to either pay for minting more cheap works to share OR supporting other artists by buying their works.

I see my purchasing of other people's art as patronage to help encourage them to make more. I hope folks who buy my stuff see it the same way.

But your point is certainly valid. (The skater punk in me cringes at the idea of "selling out.")

Everything is a collage. All texts are collages, music is a collage, 3D graphic is a collage, movies are collages. I’m in a collage state of mind for one an a half year, but not where are you yet. Nature is a collage is next step of my perception of reality.

Hey there I like your art at NFT Showroom, it's naive and light hearted. As for asking payment for NFTs, it depends on how long it took to create etc. I take a day to make one piece, so I ask money for the time as well as skill involved in making the art piece. But I will also make some smaller works to sell for less. A token gesture of a token, so to speak.