"Robo Visitor" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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[Super stupidly tiny fine point pen on paper tile with digital embellishments and color.]

Drew this one today. No reason... I just did...

I TRIED to get some music recorded today, but because I'm old as shit and bad with technology, I had troubles. I tried running a line (3.5 mm to 3.5 mm) from my younger daughter's Pocket Operator K.O. sampler to my mic jack on my laptop and record the drum loop I'd tinkered together, but I couldn't get Audacity to recognize the input line. Finally got it to work (sort of) but the audio quality was beyond lo-fi and well into garbage... I tried running the same line out of my Casio keyboard, but it was shit sounding, too...

My theory, right now, is that I need a new connector... We'll see if that helps. Meanwhile, thanks to the process being DIFFICULT, I gave up in frustration and moved on to drawing... (Creating the image above...)

Next, I went to NFT Showroom and posted a new NFT (edition of 5), and then BOUGHT a piece... And suddenly found myself with 5 swap.hive and a few decimal blips in my wallet!!! (Damn impulse spending!!!) With my last credits, I plunked down a final 1 of 1 piece, draining my coffers to the dregs!

I then went to Twitterz to beg the good peoples of the Universe to buy my wares to help me fund my next project, and LO AND BEHOLD a savior (two, in fact) appeared on the horizon and dropped some cash-money on a few of my newest bits and bobs, thus ensuring I will have funds for SEVERAL new projects!!! (Thank you @clayboyn and @blakestorieart !!! Your support is appreciated---and when my species conquers this planet, your names will be on the protected rolls, and you will come to no harm!)

In other drawing news (this bit is secret, so don't tell anyone), I was contacted by a good friend who asked if I could draw an EVIL Santa for him for his Christmas card this year.... Do you think I was able to complete such a tricky mission? Let's see...

[That's red gel pen on a notebook page with digital embellishments and color.]

He knew when he asked ME that he would not be getting some fancy, professional, commercial piece of blah.... This was his response:


I guess he was okay with it!

Well, I suppose I've bugged you folks enough for tonight! Stay safe, wash your hands, and watch those GAS FEES!!! That shit's ridiculous right now!!!


---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Something about the robot reminds me of the show, Invader Zim. One small piece of advice on your audio dilemma. You can get a small input controller for audio that pulls in via USB. It will allow you to set the level that your signal is being sent to your multi track software and with minimal quality disturbance from the original output. If the devices have a midi output, you can buy a midi to USB cable to do the same. You can use that as well and use the devices to program and sequence midi tracks in some recording suites as well. I hope that helps a bit. If need more direction, just comment. Keep creating awesome stuff. The world needs more creators.

Ooooo! Like 3.5 mm to USB? I'm from an analog world, so it didn't occur to me to look for a USB connector!!!! Excellent advice! THANKS!!!!

And, to your first point, I am a big fan of both Invader Zim and the comics that the original Zim artist, Jhonen Vasquez, wrote and drew---so I am certainly influenced by his unhinged style!

Appreciate the assistance!


You're welcome. If going from 3.5 mm, I'd recommend something like the PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 2x2 USB Audio Interface.

It's a 2 channel interface that will contact to your computer through USB. If you're going from 3.5 mm, you'll just need a 7 mm adapter for the input. This setup allows you to set your line in on each channel to avoid peaking on your input channels and maximize quality.

Hope that helps.