"ARTS!!! And We Made a Book" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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All made today. I was in a strange mood, so some strange things came out! I even created a straight-up abstract piece! No aliens, snakes, bunnies, ghosts....just colors! (WEIRD!)

I feel good about all four of those pieces. Maybe I'll tokenize one or two of them...or maybe not. SALES aren't the goal. EXPRESSION! Making shit! Having fun! Exploring color and texture and gesture and mood.... Those are already accomplished!

But that's not the ONLY arts we worked on today! We had the "Diggle-Diggle" over for a little while...

...and I unveiled a book that I've been packing-taping together...

It's cardboard, paper, packing tape, and assorted odds-n-ends, and we had a bunch of stickers that we stuck all over it. I also gave it a nice, thick spine, so we can tape new pages in as we make them!

So that was today's output! Had fun! (I also posted three new pieces to NFT Showroom, but I don't feel like advertising tonight, so I'm not gonna!!!)

[This was #HiveBloPoMo post number 25! The goal is 30 posts before the end of November... I'm in pretty good shape!!!]

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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