Rorschach Dreams

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Some time ago, I had posted about the diary of a madman and the weird notes found therein. Now, these blasphemous scribblings have been fed to machinery of the latest technology and have been processed by dreaming algorithms.

What do you see in these patterns? Are they triggers to some altered state of mind? Or just random lines thrown together?




All the pictures are fractals created by @nyarlathotep, and processed by the Deep Dream Generator (using a Thin Style).

The Stars are -almost- Right!


Guy at the psychiatrist, getting tested. The doctor shows him Rohrschach images and asked him to describe what he sees in them.
With every one, the guy says: "Naked woman with her legs spread"
This goes on for a while, then finally the doctor says: "it is quite obvious that you are a pervert!"
Says the guy: "me a pervert? it is you that is showing me all these perverted pictures!"

Heh, I know, it happens to me every time!

I always see insects and beetles :0

Yeah, insects & beetles are everywhere.

The first: A maimed Labrador Retriever with a beak; warped by chaos and with a featherless bird on its head
The second: A moth transformer. Can possibly change into a VW Beetle
The third: Skeletor from Masters of the Universe in some fancy haute couture.

I agree on the second... except for the transformer part.
Skeletor?! I have seen the movie at the cinema during the 80's , the one with Dolf Ludgren, and I still remember going there, entering the cinema & nothing more; must have been a traumatic experience.

As for the Labrador with the beak & the bird, I dare you to draw it :)

A strangely "drawn" expression.

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