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RE: Crypto Art Marketing / Some thoughts and resources

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Coincidence Coincidence :-DDD I finally (yesterday) dared to exchange HIVE to SWAP.HIVE (very easy... much easier than I anticipated, as I still have not traded, bought or done anything outside form hive with cryptocurrency...sigh) and I am so willing to put some art up on NFT showroom and try to sell.
Yeah, try...
Your post is more than needed. I always struggle with promoting my art. I find it tough to coordinate the various social media outputs (and so I end with no output at all), I am very unsure about connecting over discord, as I am strangely insecure online and and and. So, I hugely appreciate your post. It is for me a much needed help and a reminder to do something (instead of only thinking about it).


Happy you found it helpful, I think everyone has their own groove but this is to give some ideas for people who don't know where to start :)

For the hive/swap.hive there are two ways, you can click deposit hive on hive-engine and it will become swap.hive or do the same direct on NFT Showroom and it will automatically convert!