An ALIEN poking itself into the eye - digital painting

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I feel like this today:


But other than this lovely ALIEN, who is only making fun, I consist of headaches, headaches, and excess whining. I cannot stand myself. For weeks… even month I wanted to put some artwork onto @nftshowroom and what did I do:
NOTHING (I am shouting at myself dear reader)

Meanwhile I have an army of ALIENS begging me to show them the big, wide world. They are curious to discover humans and to transform them step by step… they told me that tentacles are way more practical and beautiful than legs and arms. So, beware, the days of standard extremities are counted.

Kopie von Design ohne Titel.jpg

By the way, which version do you like more, b/w, pastel or with the darker background?

Want to see more_Follow me neumannsalvaor visithttp___neumannsalva.de_1.png


I like the dark background :) Show us more!

Thank you for your help. I will upload the version with the darker background on my website (and hopefully sometimes onto NFT showroom).
Hope you are well?

Not bad, this is a difficult time but I have been lucky enough to keep working at my day job and get out of the house throughout lockdown. It's difficult but I think it's a good sanity-check. I also have been hard at work fixing my garden, which was similar in neglect to your garden and I am happy with the progress

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