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What's good Steemtribe? If you've seen some of my work before you probably agree that it is either surreal, a bit psychedelic and trippy maybe, but usually somewhat representational. Occasionally, however, I lust after creating something more relaxing and different. That's when usually something like the mandalas starts developing on my screen. Sometimes they are planned, other times I get inspired while playing around with some sacred geometry or crop circley shapes. Either way these graphics are fun and often I stare at them for minute and minutes, especially when I haven't meditated in a while.

I hope these guys have the same kind of serene and soothing effect on you, especially when you have a chance to see them on a bigger screen. Til next year.

Flower Of Life Mandala Web.jpg

Fibonacci Flower 2 LoRez.jpg

MD Email Shroom.png

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So beautiful how it glows!

Thank you.

@juliakponsford I made a booboo when I tagged this post. Without thinking I just copied and pasted tags from a previous post, not realizing that the hive tag is attached to the alien thingy, I tried to edit it but it didn't make a difference. #@*%!!!