Experiment with colored pen for drawing || Came out way better than i thought it would

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I have started to draw with ballpoint pen two days ago, i decided to draw at least one each day. Which is gonna be hard because drawing everyday can get exhausting.

I am really bad at drawing with pen because i don't get to erase my mistakes and also theres the problem with shading.

I was looking for some colored pen and i could only find the pens that are a bit gel kind i guess.... Not exactly ballpoint pens. There aren't a lots of shop open nowadays so i bought the three colors that were available. I wanted to try them out in a drawing.

I started drawing this and i think it turned quite well, to be honest i really wasn't expecting it to come out this well. Drawing it was so fun that i decided to another one, after i finished this one but the second one turned out really horrible.

Here are some process shots:





Here is a picture with the pens that i used in this drawing.

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Manually curated by EwkaW from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

thank you @ewkaw for curating..... 😊

My pleasure :)

From the look of things you are already on your way to greatness. Good to see you've commited to drawing one each day. You can join our #dailydrawingchallenge which commenced today. I believe it will enable you to keep going. The prompts are there if you care to follow them.

Thank you. About that tag, how do i use it? If i click on it it takes me to a post but theres only winners post....

Just use it on your post as one of your tags. You can also use #ddc which is simple. You can check my latest post to see the list and info.