The 7th gate and the Master key. Short story

Source cover by Julia K PonsFord & Clayboyn, courtesy of @juliakponsford blog

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Creation had already begun. All humanoids had been endowed with powerful keys to open the seven gates. Each one of them initiated journeys to new dimensions.

The first key opened the gate of sensations. In that world, the nervous receptors received the stimuli of the planet, but the humanoids could do nothing with them. The gate of sensations was the place where you knew you existed and were alive.

The second key opened the gate of perceptions. There you were able to make sense of your surroundings. The sounds were high or low. Sweet, sour, or bitter could be the flavors. The light changed and was transformed into different colors. The smells were pleasant or nauseating, and the textures were rustic or subtle. Everything was a start and you had to walk to the next door.

The third key opened the gate by memory. That was an important gate because it gave the possibility of not forgetting. The past, good or bad, beautiful or dark, was lodged in a chip that the humanoid could rescue at any moment.

The fourth key opened the gate of emotions. That gate had its dangers. Many humanoids went crazy when they opened this gate without any precautions. Some were trapped in fear or disgust. Others were dominated by anger. Sadness led many to depression, and happiness, possibly the best of emotions, often presented itself in a cloak of invisibility.

The fifth key opened the gate of dreams. Many would enter this gate but then could not remember that they had been there. Ghosts wander through labyrinths; unknown cities are built from the rubble of other unknown cities. To enter the dimension of dreams is easy, but sometimes to leave is difficult. Many humanoids do not like to use this key.

The sixth key opened the gate of intelligence. All newly created beings found many virtues in this gate. It was everyone's favorite dimension because they could differentiate from each other. The abilities were the tools for working on this dimension. There are those who have not yet discovered the fantastic possibilities of the key that opens this door. But everyone possesses this key.

The seventh key is the Master key. It opens the gate of the imagination, and from here the humanoid can transform the world around it. In this dimension everything is possible, even creating more doors or building the future. Take the key and open the 7th gate!

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Sep 2020, Short story @marcybetancourt

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Fantastic story, @marcybetancourt. A parable of sorts, a metaphor for powers unused.Perfect for a children's book!
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