Collage – Gargoyles in the sky

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Hello friends of the collage.

In these days I have made several digital artworks but I have not been satisfied with the results. Today I returned to a work already started, based on a photograph of my authorship and property, and I have completed a collage that I like.

I also used a public domain image, which I provide below.

Source: Pixnio.

* * *

With the use of some stickers I consider that the balance of the image was reached. The finished collage looks like this.


Then, to get to the gif I preferred to first pass the collage through a photographic filter because that way I got the changes I wanted to make the image more interesting.


The idea was to contrast the beauty and delicacy of the ducks in the water with the artistic gargoyles in the sky, allowing me to incorporate a bleeding gargoyle in the background. Going from the subtle to the unexpected.

* * *

Thanks for your appreciation and support for this artwork.

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Infinite greetings!

Collage @marcybetancourt
© Sep 2020, Marcy Betancourt. All rights reserved



Te quedó muy bien yo no se hacer esos montajes ¡queda tanto por aprender! @marcybetancourt un abrazo y síguenos sorprendiendo

Gracias @evagavilan2 por tu comentario. Yo estoy aprendiendo. Aún hago bosquejos en lápiz y papel y luego voy a lo digital. Soy de la romana vieja. Un gran abrazo

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