My NFT Showroom Gallery- Answering a Q&A Part 1

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Today I came across a cool Q&A so I decided to turn it into a post ^^ If you make a post like this, feel free to link it in the comments. The Q&A is at the bottom of the post, first I'll share a bit more promo about NFT showroom.

NFT showroom has been much more active recently and I think it will only get more exciting forwards. For now I've invested almost all hive earned back into tokenizing more art (and buying some), but I hope to start actually earning someday ^^ Right now my gallery looks like a mess unfortunately xD I'm kind of testing what sells and whatever I feel like sharing in the moment. The cheap stuff sells mostly for now, but in the future if(when) the more expensive art sells, I'll try tokenizing more complex art as well. :D



1 left and keeping 1 edition for myself for now ^_^ I kind of like keeping one edition from everything.

NFT tutorial I recommend checking out.

I started a new pixelart thumbnails series, might make a post once I have more, this is the 3rd one:

I'm also tokenizing my pixelart from the prompt list, (not the statue one since it's based on a probably copyrighted photo reference). :)

I even bought a few drawings, 5 to be precise so far
This included:

by @oscurity >>>>>


by @veeart >>>>>>>

These instantly caught my eyes and I could afford to buy :D There are many more I'd love to buy hopefully in the future ^_^

Dragon Head winners: (my blog) @yanga (pixelart community comment) @janaveda

The Q&A


Since the Q&A is really long, I'll continue it in the next post ^^

  1. If I had to pick one and never do other, then I'd pick digital it feels more natural for my style of drawing.
  2. Since ever, so over 20 years, but only 5 years has been more professional.
  3. For art? I took a 2 year advanced art course in HS, and a couple of years uni (quit). Digitalart was self taught with the help of internet.
  4. Hive has probably my most comprehensive art collection and I the only place I really share my art in more detail. HOWEVER, you can follow me on my Instagram.... I'd love to reach a 100 followers by the end of the month!
  5. Environments, they're endless, (and dragons, but it has been a while)
  6. User Interface/Logos- I do it with gritted teeth :P
  7. I use references constantly, but lately I've gotten better at using a little inspiration from various references, so the final art doesn't look anything like any of the references.
  8. I draw both professionally and just for fun, I'm actually surprised my "just for fun" art is starting to sell too. I guess it's all professionally then? :D
  9. Ahh.... average drawing time.... 4h-6h???? idkkk, every day is completely different. One day I can draw 10h, another day I can barely make a quick sketch :/ I wish my average was at least 8h, but then again I draw on weekends so I guess it evens out.
  10. Sure... I'm confident about some of my art, I've certainly got muuuch more confident in last half year. I do a lot of styles, so I feel a different level of confidence for each.
  11. I really don't keep track of art related blogs I follow, can't even make a guess, since I try to check various things so I'm not consistent.
  12. I share my art process almost daily :D Feel free to ask anything!
  13. I prefer personal art, I think commissions would stress me out way too much. This also fits my drawing schedule, since I can switch styles based on my mood and inspiration.
  14. I have a few times, in fact @hiddenblade is working on the latest one, can't wait to reveal :D I'm interested in collaborating maybe once per month or 2, but no big projects right now.
  15. Average time is a really bad estimate for my art. Some of it takes 30min and some 8+hours, my median is maybe 2-3h , but I can't say it with certainty (this is just drawing time, not blog time).

I think this is enough for today. If you liked this come back tomorrow for more! ;)

Thank you for checking out my post <3


awwwwww . the dinosaur its amazing

Thank you <3333 ^-^

Hello @kristyglas,

Your answers to the questions are very interesting ... Thank you very much for the Dragon Head, although, I don't know how or where to claim it? Hahaha.

You just need keychain, not sure if there will be other ways to log in, in the future ^^ It's yours already, not claiming needed.

Thank you very much. 👍


And, oh, those bubbles are so pretty!

Yayy, glad you like it!
Thank you!!! ^-^

I love this. It's great to know the mind behind the canvas. Thank you for the pleasure of knowing you loved my artwork. Look forward to the second part of this post.

I just went over to look into your gallery. Definitely love the fantasy elements, it's my favorite genre when I create collages.

Thank you for checking it :D Fantasy is my default mode, but I'm trying to expand themes a bit, including cyberpunk eventually.

Thank you! I agree and I hope other artists will give this Q&A a try, you as well ^_^

I loved the Koi as soon as I saw them, I was so happy that I got one before the editions ran out ^-^

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If I did that kind of stuff I'd be keeping one of each edition too XD

Ahh that dino is so cute I wish I was richer XD you picked up some nice ones too :)

Aww thank you, yeah keeping one makes it easier to be less attached to rest xD
Start tokenizing your art and I'm sure you'll get rich fast xD Maybe make an easy mini 3D series of art. I'm experimenting a lot for now and it's really fun :D

LoL unlikely, as I said I currently don't do anything that would be suitable for tokenising, everything is basically tests for bigger things, and at the end it's just going to be animations (and I have more plans but at the rate I'm going I really need aging to be cured so I'll have time to do everything I want to do, either that or to win lottery and have crypto fly off past the moon somewhere XD so I can go to working full time on things XD).

I understand ^^ Well NFT showroom is still in it's release stage so no need to rush :D

Thanks so much dear for the dragon...My collection is on fire.