Want to subscribe to my YouTube channel? I need 46 more followers for a custom URL!

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I haven't ever shilled my youtube channel very much, I mostly use it for hosting videos so I can embed there here on peakd posts and other places, one of the reasons is the URL, it currently looks like this:



so it isn't easy to remember and I don't bother, I just give out direct video links. Obviously I would much rather have youtube.com/channel/juliakponsford!

I was updating some links today and noticed that to get a custom URL you need 100 subscribers, I thought it was 1000, not sure if they changed it at some point or I just misunderstood but I am currently at 54 so that seems pretty manageable :D

I post music videos, sometimes violin stuff and audio visual art stuff! If you want to subscribe and help me out please do so here!


While I'm shilling you can also find me on spotify, I am gradually updating my catalogue :)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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To follow on twitter, personal account, Alien Community account <3


I had to check to see if I was subscribed to your youtube channel. I was not, but I am now. I'm either 138 or 139... 😊

Thanks amber!


why? why not alienqueen? or something more real not that name you use only here on earth

3 down, i think

Thanks I made it over 100 woot!

ur at 140 now :)

Done. Gladly.

Thanks Tom!

Sure no prob, good luck

Sweet thanks so much!

Thanks for reminding me you can set a custom url.

Subscribed and I was no.95 so 5 more to go xxx

Made it over 100 thanks!

Sure Done ;)

Woot thanks!

Gotcha on both! congrats on getting over 100!

Hey Junkfeathers long time no see! We are still listenning to your music on jukeblox in the PAL server and loving it :D

that's awesome! I had to take time off to reorganize my life, but I'm back now and writing music again. Glad to be back! 〜(^∇^〜)(〜^∇^)〜

Sure. Why not.

Thanks I managed to get to 100!

Congrats! They might be baby steps but the first steps are always the biggest. Best of luck to you.

You won two more subscribes.... have you thought to create a channel in other plataforms like COS.TV or LBRY?

Thanks! I've considered LBRY, I don't know the other one though will have to look it up!

booth are related with crypto... but work in different ways...

If you need i can try to explain to you the projects :D

Are you posting videos of how you make your pics on nft Showroom?

Not yet, I have considered it but the process is long for some parts and very boring, it would probably need to be heavily edited to be interesting!

Ok, you have a new subscriber 😎

Thanks seckorama!

Subscribed. Subscribe to mine. I have 35 ;)

Already subscribed!

Sorry, I was already subscribed.

I can tweet shill your channel though!

Thanks for the help!

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