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As we continue developments for NFT Showroom, one of our most important goals is to improve artist discovery by giving collectors and curators different ways to browse. Currently the main avenues are through the Gallery, the Activity feed, and the Personal feed but all of these have some dependancy on recency. Either the item was recently tokenized, updated in price or recently bought which leaves older art harder to find.

As we implement this relying on tagging to create browsable categories could become much more important. Many artists are using quite generic tags like, art, rareart, nft, cryptoart. Those are good for outside search engines, but what are the odds someone will be on NFT Showroom and search art?

At the moment we have the discover page:
Using this search looks at titles, description, tags and username (username of the artist is automatically added to tags upon tokenizing!

While browsing I have noticed that many artists are not taking full advantage of tags and although this may seem like a small detail it is something worth thinking about to maximize your potential visibility!

Types of possible tags

While the tagging possibility is quite infinite I think there are 3 main categories to draw inspiration from:

  • Process/ medium

This could include tags like drawing, painting, watercolour, illustration, collage etc. also relevant could be if it is an animation, gif, mp4 -

  • Style

Tags for indicating style could include pop-art, cubism, surrealism, comic, trashart, abstract, minimalism, realism etc.

  • Content

In this context means: what is it about, what is the content of the image?
If it's an animal include, animals, nature, (type of animal) etc.

The idea is to make sure that anyone searching for your specific type of art has the best chance of finding it!

I am going to use a few examples I found browsing, I don't want to pick on anyone, just give some suggestions to improve your visibility:

Screen Shot 20201203 at 3.16.24 PM.png

This one only uses two tags: portrait, character, while these tags are good I would also suggest the medium (illustration? collage?). This piece is an animated gif, Animated is already in the description, but gif would be another good tag to add.

Screen Shot 20201203 at 3.14.39 PM.png

These tags are already pretty good but I would also suggest adding medium descriptors, and possibly more content descriptors such as sci-fi, space, futuristic, cyberpunk?, crystals etc.

Screen Shot 20201203 at 3.11.46 PM.png

This one uses art, drawing, painting, these are good but could also include, robot, bird, illustration -

Clearly there are many different approaches to tagging and we can never know what types of search terms a buyer will use, being as descriptive as possible in both tags/title/description will improve the visibility of your art now, and probably even more when we finish development of the artist discovery page!

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Excellent, thanks for these tips. In my case I always think about what label to put on and this is a great guide to do so.
A hug for you.

Happy you found it helpful!

@tipu curate

Thanks Matt!

Whenever I'm trying to think of tags to use, specifically for NFTs, I come up short. I've tried looking at other people's tags, work similar to mine but they never seem to work so I just ended up assuming that the tags were the least important factor to getting your work noticed.

I think self promotion and creating connections on social media is probably a bigger factor overall but sometimes people are looking for specific things/styles and this is where your SEO really matters, I often struggle with tags myself as my work can be more abstract sometimes, it's not easy !

good tips! thanks!

Thank you -- good ideas here...

Excellent tips to take into account. Thank you.

Nice tips 👏. I have to recognize that I didn't use enough good tags and this post open my mind for new tags in the future for my tokenized art. Thank you 😊


Wow, that's really helpful! I find it so hard to choose tags, so thanks for the tips!
But I can't edit the tags for my already tokenized images now, right?

I think the tagging is a great feature to help find new art! After you "disappear" from the recent activity it's nice way to know you can be found. It's one of the features that really attracted me on the nftshowroom. :)