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Screen Shot 20191219 at 11.23.01 AM.png

I've had this idea for a video rolling around in my head for quite some time, originally I wanted to dance and film my shadow on the wall and use that to create shapes and textures, but when doing a test shot I wasn't overly impressed. It looked a bit boring and not how I envisioned.

I decided I needed to bite the bullet and actually dance in front of the camera!

I used to dance quite a lot, I was a bit of a raver as a teenager but honestly it's been a while. I blasted some music and let the camera roll for a while and ended up having a really good time :)

Screen Shot 20191219 at 11.24.36 AM.png

I shot this in my hallway using my cell phone for the video, and the mask was something I made a while back, so this pretty much cost me 0$ to make. I have to admit I kind of like this challenge of working with nothing and seeing what can come of it.

Screen Shot 20191219 at 11.25.40 AM.png

The track is called Supra Programming made by the lovely @vachemorte. It has a great futuristic creepy sci-fi vibe. You can check him out on Spotify and of course here on Steem.

Screen Shot 20191219 at 11.26.34 AM.png

I wanted to go for a 1970s/futuristic, spoopy, Lynchian feel. While filming I was trying to make as many shapes as possible with my body because I knew when I layered them with varying opacities it would create some fun new shapes.

Screen Shot 20191219 at 11.27.45 AM.png

To get the shattered glass effect I used an app called EZ Glitch that can be found on the app stores.

Screen Shot 20191219 at 11.28.28 AM.png


Track by: @vachemorte
Video by: @juliakponsford



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This looks super cool! It's so funny that I clicked on your post to watch the vid as I have the same Idea with the dancing shadow of mine in my mind for a few weeks. But now I'm not so sure anymore that it will come out as I imagine - lol. I might end up the same like you and dancing in front of the cam or I have to drop this idea - haha - anyway - great work! fits totally good with the music.

I Think the first time it popped into my head was a very sunny day and the lights were making multiple shadows, I just couldn't recreate it. Maybe in the summer, we have barely any daylight here now. 😂

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I might give it a try with those very bright spotlights they use to work on construction. Or yes - as you say outside in the summer - I made already cool shadow pictures in the dunes - that also could work...

This is pretty mesmerizing and slightly haunting ( in a good way ). I'm not sure what would happen if I'd watch this before sleep.

Thanks Vincent, keep it spoopy :p

It reminds me of a series that I saw since I was little. I liked it, it is quite striking and spectacular. Although I will not lie to you, I thought you would sing. It would be genius for another video to hear her voice, dancing like that : D

Thanks, I'd love to know what that series is haha!

really cool

I love this!!!! The layering and the fractured images are wonderful. Your dance get a completely different emotional expression through these techniques (and the music) Gone is all the sweetness replaced by a floating uncertainty, the feeling that something will happen, anything....

Thanks for your nice comments and I have to thank you for submitting a performance dance video because it gave me that last push to do it after thinking about it for a while <3 Happy holidays!

wow, this is amazing Julia... and I just love that it was filmed 'in the hallway on your phone'...

Thanks and Yeahhh I have lots of experience working on a shoestring budget 😂 it's kind of a constraint but it really makes you think outside the box.

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interesting. fun edit

Thanks Bill! Wasn't too tricky to edit just chopping a lot of teeny tiny blocks and rearranging them lol

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Very nice moves, the gifs are really art pure.

aww thanks so much Marian0!

How cool is that, all these Steem collaborations! This one is great, I love how you played with those shadows and edited to get this end result. Lovely! I hope to see more of these appear in the future ;)

Thanks Anouk, it was really fun to make!

Sweet! Well done the both of you. The Track has a very 'Boards of Canada' feel which I like.

Thanks I really love boards of canda!

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Very alluring dance I must say

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