My Spirit Animal // Original painting and animation [OC] Art Explosion reminder!

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The theme for Art Explosion this round is SPIRIT ANIMAL! There's still almost a full week to make your entry, in honour of the theme I did some digital painting to try and find my spirit animal.

Turns out it's terrifying!


I had two slightly different versions so I superimposed them over each other at 50% opacity and really liked this more blurry soft version:


I also added a wee bit of animation because of course I can't resist, it gives a bit of a hypnotizing effect :)

To get the details and join the contest click here: Art Explosion theme spirit animal!

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Is your spirit animal an alien devil?

It appears to be something like that :)

Nice painting, I wonder what my animal spirit will be?

Thanks, I hope you'll enter!


Thanks! I just checked out your blog, you art is awesome!

Wow, very cool.

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