My entry for the Hand Model contest (OC art)

in hive-158694 •  8 months ago 

The original image:

I ended up making so many iterations with this photo that I'm just going to drop all my favorites, a few gifs too!

And now for the pièce de résistance, my patented hand snake:

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lol awesome, I love the hand snake!

That snake! :’))) Epic hand art Julia!

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Lol thanks soyrosa!

Salad fingers strikes!!

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Impressive work.

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Thank you Maxwell!

The hand snake is the maximum, is it a juliaboa? Cheers

Yes a Juliaboa haha!

I feel like if I were into fetishes this post would go in muh spankbank.
I'm not. But IF I were...

Anywho... that last gif FREAKS ME OUT!!!!

Also... you're definitely a contender...

I was going to enter Morgan's hands (cause they are AMAZING), but they must be my own.

Morgan doesn't care anyways...bish always on the phone...
morgan smaller.png

Is she the one from the muppet band?

Well, she has made an appearance or two singing with Chris... and yes, there are several puppets in this household... but no, we've not made a muppet band... yet.

Also, she has the BEST BOOBS.
I was about to share them (before they were connected to her)... but even that would be NSFW. 🤣

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Nice try!

The snake laid me down :-)

Wooo thanks for the beer!

It's my pleasure :-)

Hey @juliakponsford, here is a little bit of BEER from @bucipuci for you. Enjoy it!

I really like the first image, made this:


Its called Future Ruins

Nice, I think this would make a cool album cover!

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u like my hand snake? lol