Like a Broken Mirror / Newest tokenized art drop on NFT Showroom

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The mirror is dirty, loathsome and deep, But she has promises to keep/ Part of the Alien Collage collection / Julia K. Ponsford 2020 / 4000 x 5000 px

This is my newest piece minted on NF Showroom! There are three editions available!

This one is made using an artbreeder face and destroying it (as usual) and layering and collaging the destroyed pieces back on the top of the face. Add in a little digital painting and voila!

You can visit my shop and see it here:

Screen Shot 20200729 at 7.06.59 PM.png

In other news I am very pleased with the progress of NFT Showroom, lots of excitement from artists! If you want to know more visit @nftshowroom there are a few good posts that will get you acquainted :)

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bootiful. And the title takes me back to the songwriter challenge of 2017! extra nostalgia points :)

This is deep...She's beautiful even with the broken mirror. The mirror can't define our beauty right? It just the mirror that's dirty. 😁

What a remarkable piece of art ... I feel like I need to create a fractal shattered mirror now ... I mean, what kind of mirror could produce an image like that? Wow ... incredible work.

Wonderfully abstract. As if peering into 11 dimensions at once. Excellent piece, @juliakponsford