Duchess of Destruction / Tokenized on NFT Showroom

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We got some nice site updates today on NFT Showroom! The images are loading much quicker and the wallet has been simplified for ease of use! I tokenized this a few days ago and didn't have time to post about it!

Duchess of Destruction


This is part of my Alien Collage collection, if you are prone to seizures beware, it's pretty flashy!

I made this a run of three editions that are available here:

Screen Shot 20200724 at 5.21.15 PM.png

>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Amazing art. I am encouraged to art alien to see your art work. Thank you fir share.


That's really beautiful nice work here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate keep up the good work 🤝

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Thanks so much :D

No problem the pleasure was all mine 🤝

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Wow! This is stunning and ethereal

Wow, que buen trabajo, es exelente, gracias por compartir, te sigo.

Damn. This is insane! I love it :D

Thanks, I'm particularly happy with all the colors I managed to smash in there 😄

100% understandable its sick :D Very creative!

Yikes ... that's a whole movie, looking for a place to happen!

Amazing!!!! Unbelievable! I keep staring the images!!! Thank you for your share!!

Wow, this is amazingly beautiful! The colours and details are very well done. Cheers ❤️

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