Disembodied Aliens (Showcase-Sunday) Photo collage and animated art!

For my slightly late showcase sunday post I decided to show this piece that I made almost exactly a year ago! The original post is here

Inspired by my art explosion theme which was unconventional nudes, I titled the resulting art Disembodied Aliens.

Here is the newer alt edit which is a double exposure:

The original:

I recently downloaded a fun and very simple animation app called pixaloop and played around with the image again to make a few gifs:

This one is using both pixaloop to animate and mirrorlab to create a 3D height map:

This has been posted in the Alien art of Steem community, if you would like to join the beta and post your unusual art click here!


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This is dope!I love the colors, the surreal vibes and also that subtle creepiness. Very noice.

Thanks! always have to add a bit of creepiness lol

Love it. Mobile art is so fun these days and getting better and better with these pocket computers. I must say I have dont similar with some new songs and photos of mine for appics contest. Will you be doing another contest thing like you had before with this one? Keep the vibes coming my friend.
Be well

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Yes I do a new art explosion contest every two weeks, I'm just on hiatus for the holidays!

The animations came out really cool:) Very hypnotic:)

Thanks George, I'm not really a masterful animator, I'm glad there are apps out there that make it easy haha!

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the double-exposure collage looks beautiful, interesting, dark, mystical, dirty, bloddy, perfect. Like-a-lot!

I've really been getting into double exposures lately, I love all the textures it can add to an image

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