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All my kitties together is an exciting new NFT art platform that allows programming the art, artists can make multiple layered pieces and have various factors triggering changes, such as day/night, hue changes, BTC prices etc. When it first got launched I was pretty hyped and applied right away!

Recently I was contacted, along with a group of artists on the waiting list to participate in a charity project for KITTIES! The idea was there would be three themed canvases and the artists could choose a canvas and make up to 5 kitties that would be rotated every 12 hours, here is the master canvas:

Screen Shot 20200710 at 9.05.38 PM.png

I decided to go with the ghost cats and wanted to use an Egyptian from Space kind of style. Here are the 5 kitties I made individually:






All the auctions kicked off this week and the ghost kitty sold for 10 ETH immediately! I ended up selling my layer for 1.11 ETH. There are various events going on in cryptovoxels, digital and physical art sales, auctions and people from many other platforms are participating to help Kitty Bungalow! You can visit the address here to check out the galleries and if you're quick enough sign the guestbook and get some cat ear wearables :p

>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Pretty Interesting, indeed!
I am definitely looking at the
Alien Art Hive Community,
Might be where I belong...
Have A Great Weekend &
Congrats on the sale!

Oh yeah i see you do trippy Thursday art posts and stuff, you are definitely welcome to come post your art!

Hi there and Thank You!
Quick few questions...
I subscribed, does that mean I joined the community, or do I need an invite?
And what is the best tag to use?
Thank You and have a Great Sunday!

All you need to do is subscribe and you can post! if you post to a community the first tag will be the community number, then you can add the rest of your tags as usual :)

Thank You So Much!
I believe I subscribed,
So then just the hive# (?)
I will look it up,
Thanks Again & Have An Awesome Week!

On peakd (which I recommend if you aren't using it! it shows up as an option in your post editor:

Screen Shot 20200713 at 3.12.11 PM.png

after you will have the option to add to blog simultaneously

Screen Shot 20200713 at 3.12.42 PM.png


If you dont click that you will have to go to your all posts tab and add it manually , hope this helps!

Yes it did!
Thank You - "So Very Much"!
I have Peaked, but use esteem for
posting so I really never explored the app much ,(Peaked).
But I have subscribed to a few communities and had the feeling something was wrong...
So now I know, and as a "Big Thanks" (I have asked others what's up, no reply...🤔)...
I will post in Alien Art in the next hour or so!
I decided to finish up an Alien I have been working on (stylised if course) to show I am on the same page - most of the time!
Wish You a Great Eve. &
Week Ahead!

Ahh I see, esteem has not really updated for communities right now, just an FYI peakd works pretty well on mobile if you use peak lock to sign in!

wonderful...really imagination without boundaries...those kitties are ghostly but they look cutely...excellent and catchy...

I thought of the Sphinx ... very imaginatively done!

Congrats on the sale!

omg, this is amazing, just hearing about it now......

Async is nuts haha! I finally got accepted after maybe 6 months or so :)