Aliens of Steem: Join my art and music community to post and curate the weird, strange and surreal!

It looks like communities have opened up again to the general public, hurrah! I think communities are going to be a lot of fun and open up new avenues for content discovery, meeting new people and giving the steem eco-system another level of customization.

If you haven't visited yet you can click this link: login using your posting key and click JOIN. (note that it says joined for me because I already did ;)

As usual this is in BETA, so things are pretty basic and not in their final form yet.

What content can be posted in Aliens of Steem?

Despite the name the content does not need to be ALIEN related, it is intended for art and music that fall outside of the fine arts and are a little more on the experimental side. I would love to see a beautiful feed full of art and music that is otherworldy, inter-dimensional, unusual or strangely beautiful! This leaves a lot open to interpretation but this is ART and it's meant to be FUN so please use your best judgement when posting :)

People who are interested in seeing/curating this type of content are also invited to subscribe if they would like to see it in their communities feed.

Currently if you post in a community it will also post to your blog but the word on the street is that will change and we will be able to post only to a community and not have it also post to our blog. You will need to resteem it to your blog so the option will be there.

This presents some interesting options as some of us who post about certain topics feel a bit weird about doing a one off and would rather have that separated. I personally can't wait for this feature as I like to keep my blog clean and on topic :p

If you don't want to post from beta.steemit you can use this: hive-158694 as your first tag on any front end and it will go in the Aliens of Steem community feed.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments and I'll do my best. I'll also pin this post in the community page so it can be used as a reference.


Hi JK!
It's your old friend UNDY,
and if you like this type of
curation please follow and
consider a delegation...
We upvote heavy hitters
in Neoxian City! 👍💪👍
@underground is the parent account 😎

A very good initiative. All the best. Is free verse poetry accepted? I am a good listener but not a good singer or artist.

Sure if it fits the community description go for it!

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sure I loved this! Joined! :)

Awesome, welcome :)

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Julia, that's good news. I've been waiting for Steemit Groups, I mean Communities. So, it looks like I would have to go to the Beta Steemit site and login to post there. I wonder how communities differ from hashtags. I guess one of the differences is in how posts in Steemit Communities will stay there and will then have to be manually resteemed like you said. That is good as that adds to customization, options, like MySpace once had in like 2010. I preferred MySpace over Facebook. I am still on MySpace.

I can't play!

I can't view ANY STEEMIT link. This one included. I think it's because of my VPN. But it doesn't generally matter cause I use the other interfaces (mostly SteemPeak cause it's the TITS!) and have no issues there.

So until STEEMIT INC stops "using a security service to protect from online attacks"... I don't even know how to proceed...

But I do love aliens... and weird things, in general. Maybe some day...

Here's what I get when I go to ANY site (not just beta):

Screenshot 427.png

Oh no, why are you trying to attack steemit carrie!!!!! Jokes aside is your VPN only on one browser? maybe another browser will work? I've never seen anyone have this problem before

I'm a fighter... LOL! #nottrue #immalover

It's on all muh things. So, no matter the browser, I get the same error. Don't know if it's actually my VPN. It's just new and this started happening right after I set it up. Honestly, I thought it would eventually fix... but it hasn't. I then assumed that Steemit Inc HATES me and wishes I didn't exist and hope that by not allowing me to view them I'll just go away. 😭


But because of them only allowing youtube embeds I DO assume the worst. 🤣
They still have much powers... powers that are weird. Embedding videos, for example, WHAT are they protecting the blockchain FROM by not allowing all services to do this? I just don't understand. I want to. I'd listen.

Anywho... I still gots muh steempeak, but no communities (that sounds horrible!) And either others will notice this problem and it will become fixed... or it's true what they say, "I AM special", and it will be only me. 😉