Alien Honey collection on Opensea!

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Opensea now has a free minting option, you do have to pay gas to initialize your collection the first time but after that it's free!

How it works is that the piece is not actually minted until someone buys it, then it gets minted to chain and the buyer pays the gas fees. This is still costly (for the buyer) but it's nice to see some ETH based platforms coming up with alternate solutions.

I had been waiting to pull the trigger on this because the gas has been insane lately, I decided to do a test just to get a ballpark idea of the price. Metamask popped up for me to sign but I never got charged anything, turns out I had already initialized a long time ago when gas was normal (I guess?) so I didn't have to pay!


Currently I have 4 items up for sale and you can visit my shop here:


>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Lucky you didn't have to pay! Go past you!

yeah it was a nice surprise, I accidentally did something good lol

2021 has been like that a lot for me. Just finding my account on HIVE from the fork was a cool enough surprise lol

That is interesting! I’m still minting my project’s stuff on NFTShowroom when ready. But does give me some ideas for some other stuff

That changes things a bit. Maybe I should give Eth another try :-)

Yeah just a one time fee for you, try to keep an eye on gas prices and pull the trigger when it's low, lately 70-80 gwei is the lowest I've seen but YMMV

Sounds good, I've spent my day researching on that, and finally opened an account on opensea. Pretty exciting, now I've got an Eth-wallet and all that ^^
With only one time gas fee it's not too great a risk for a newbie-artist like me :-)

Thank you so much for sharing your experience here! <3

Wait? You don't even pay a fee per individual piece? Just once, initially? Now I'm really getting interested. Thanks for the heads up :<)

I've gotta figure out the OpenSea game. I am enjoying that noobish feeling though.


Also your bottom banner is rad af. The movement element totally giving me impending doom pan's labyrinth vibes in the best way.

Hi I also decided to give it a try, not sure if it will be worth the investment yet gas was nearly $50. And not yet being an established artist within the cryptoart scene or with an offline world following, which is often more of a determining factor to collectors than the work itself I remain sceptical. But I think the system of a one off payment is a good idea. I hope the verification doesn't take too long a red warning triangle above your listing is not a good look. Do you remember how the verification works do they just msg you on you twitter? Love your collection BTW 😃

When I did it I tweeted at them saying this is for opensea verification, with a link to my collection. They made a tweet the other day saying they weren't doing verification anymore then in the comments said they were processing applications, tbh I found it very confusing so maybe join their discord and ask. :

they still have a room called collection approvals but people are just dropping links saying pls verify me

Thanks Julia I will take a look :-)

wow, these works are shocking and beautiful 😍

wow, these works are shocking and beautiful 😍

Dear @juliakponsford Good thing you didn't have to pay. I'll check it out and see if I'm up for it. Yours, Piotr