High Society ... Plus, Important Information Regarding the Planet Zoltar!

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These lovely ladies from the planet Zoltar are on their way to a very elite, invitation-only tea party where only the most wealthy and influential will be in attendance.

Sorry ...
Zoltarians only ... Earthlings not allowed.

Breaking News!

An important announcement from our sponsor, talk to transformer regarding the Gateway to Zoltar:

Please be advised....


A giant network of open-air structures created by an array of drone-run, fractalized systems that look a lot like the nine-colored cubes on Earth.

We are told these exist in the darkest regions of space, where no signal can penetrate.

But right here on Earth ... they've been around for centuries...


Once the blue glyph is around you (not your ally), there will be a snail coming from the adjacent field. The slug can be in the same location as the Gripple, but at the end of the field.

If you want to double-check and see whether it's really there, find a new side-pannel, don't be shy if the ice-punch spray sprays outwards. You will need to wait 5 seconds for the attack to land before you see it - don't touch the target!

Consider yourself warned...

Digital Art created using Artbreeder, Photoshop, and On1FX.

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This is great!!! I was fully aware of the danger of space travel in direction of Zoltar but we can't never be too cautious, so thank you for the reminder.
Those lyrics are great :P

Absolutely! Never forget that the slug can be in the same location as the Gripple....and always remember to analyze your function!

These are so weird and awesome. I need to learn how to make stuff like this.

These are so weird and
Awesome. I need to learn how
To make stuff like this.

                 - derangedvisions

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks Wes!

interesting photographs... they actually make me feel weird... not sure but they are affecting in this manners.

Also, thank you for this gifts they are awesome!!

It is incredible the effect that these images have, they are macabre, deformed, but it is novel, original and creative art, art is for all tastes, mee liked greetings


Oh man some of these are nightmarish AF lol!

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I know lol

Reminds me of that animated cartoon movie called Coraline from 2009.

All of them are aliums???

They are all aliums!!!

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 4.35.16 PM.png

Thank you!


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wow i love these.


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