No Melodicas

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...were harmed during the making of this video.

It was already like that when I got it.


When you play my new old melodica and press any button in the middle, only one, multiple tones come out. Only perhaps the first five and last five or so give a clear one tone note. I guess it needs a little bit of sealing but I haven't gotten round to doing anything about that yet. It is what it is and in it's current condition, it suited fine to my art video.


Perhaps you recognize some of my old art there. Or perhaps not, remembering stuff is always closely tied to personal interests especially if there's no other agenda behind that. Trying to please the other person or studying or any other fact that drives people to remember trivial stuff about people. But worry not, I'm not going to make you take a test to measure how good a friend or a reader you are to me. If you don't remember, you don't remember, there are things far more important that determine the goodness of people and friendships. Like how many cucumber slices do I put on the top of my bread or do I even like cucumber and what color are my eyes and if you say that you have never met me I say that's just an excuse and you should also know what's my favorite band of all time and if you do not like sci-fi movies or are not at the same page with me on cats this thing is over between us before it even begun!

Important stuff like that.

Where was I?

Oh yes. What is Turningpoint made of? There's the multiplied blue tree in the background that to me looks like a bunch of aliens, there's the kaleidosdala/mandalope .point and it's close relatives bullshit hero, virus and the animated version of Ticktock.

What does it mean?

Well, what does any art mean? Is it meant to raise questions? Is it meant to be pretty and easy to look at? Or is it meant to be inexplicable and annoying? I think the melodica noises pretty much cover the annoying part so the rest must be to raise the infamous questions I've mentioned. Now I'm not saying that there's only one or two right answers when thinking about what's the purpose of this particular art piece. Any answer is correct.

But what I was thinking about when creating this, what I think about almost every day, as I am a devoted nature documentary watcher and nature lover although I live in the middle of the city, relatively small though I should add. Everything is small here in Finland if you compare it to the average of the whole world. Anyway, what I was thinking about is the earth and what us humans have done to it. And especially the fact that although most people do admit that destroying our home, the earth, being the vermin in it, is not a good thing and something should be done to that, we all seem to wait some higher and stronger force to stop this nature destroying, money driven lifestyle. That one day soon we will wake up and someone has invented an earth purifier and restorer that just easily saves us all with a push of a button and no-one, especially the ones that consume or destroy the most, do not need to give up their (our) lifestyle.

Perhaps we can just send our garbage to the sun.

Or aliens! Aliens, yes! A master race. A friendly, highly advanced civilization will come and give us a solution. And we don't even have to ask, they just give it to us because we, our planet is so freaking unique in the universe. Because us humans are so terribly important. More important than all the whales in the seas, all the trees, all the mosquitos all the fungi, all the mountains, all the rocks all the rivers all the stars all the planets all the meteors all the galaxies, we just want things to be easy and I don't have to recycle my waste because I pay to WWF to save the pandas and I want my lovely roses to continue being lovely so I can use pesticides as much as I want and I want more and more and more of everything, it's only one plastic water bottle with water from thousands of miles delivered by airplain, it's only one trash in the ground, it's only one more must have shirt/skirt/jeans, it's only one holiday trip with airplane, it's only one dead animal, only one dead species, ONLY ONE MORE FALLEN TREE ONLY ONE MORE FOREST AND LAKE DESTROYED, NEED MORE SPACE TO ME, ME, ME, ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!



When is the time to turn back?

When is the time to say this is enough?

When is the time to put things in reverse?

Then again it also could be something else in the background. Perhaps it's the greed that reproduced with pollution, taking a horrifying form and controlling the human minds giving it more ideas to exploit the world and at the same time sending soothing but deceptive thoughts that you, yes you there are not a bad person because there are far more worse things you could do so gradually the whole world full of not that bad people doing just a tiny bit bad things destroy the earth as we know it.

I don't know if this is alien or is it just greed.


Thats so much fun, I would love to try a melodica!

Every now and then I find a reasonable priced used melodica on sale somewhere. But it's a miracle if it's working and I can get at least one note out of it.

You should definitely try if you ever get a chance. It most probably takes your breath away. 😄